It’s that time of year…

O Christmas tree! 😀

It’s that time of year again readers – oh yes, it’s holiday time!  That special time of year when tons of sweets and goodies are shoved in your face by family or co-workers, that you just can’t refuse for fear of being treated like an outcast. Oh yay, such a delight December can be for lots of us!  Sound familiar?

It’s also that time of year when you have to figure out the best way to keep your healthy, active lifestyle in check while still being able to enjoy some of those goodies.  Or, if you are like me, keeping up with some sort of active routine while you are out of town visiting family/friends.  Yes readers, I will be visiting my hometown of Halifax for a week over the Christmas holidays and I already know it’s going to be a challenge to keep up with something active while my grandmother shoves delicious food towards my face.  Most of the people back home don’t get my love for yoga, so I’m not going to be able to just whip out a practice right in front of them… so, what is a girl to do in this situation?  Here’s a couple tips I am going to try while I am away that might also help you if you find yourself out of town over the holidays:

–  Whip out some yoga poses while friends are getting ready to go somewhere or when grandparents are grabbing a nap

–  Take a walk to a coffee shop a little further from where you are staying to get a good walk in (unless you are staying in the middle of nowhere, this might not work)

–  If it’s snowing where you are, help out with shovelling and clearing – great little way to get some exercise and look like you’re being helpful 😉

–  Help friends/family unload groceries from the car… burns some calories before you eat all that food haha!

–  Does your friend/family members have a dog?  Offer to take the pet for a walk!  Fun and, again, looking helpful (I’m trying to earn you brownie points here!)

–  If there’s a night your friends are going dancing – go!  This will be really fun and is very active.

–  Like to run in all seasons?  Bring your running shoes on your trip and get out there for quick jaunts when you can! (I’m not a winter runner, so I’ll put on my boots and go for walks in the park seeing the sights and such)

Relaxin' in Toronto

–  Is anyone working while you’re visiting?  Take that time to pop to the gym or do some mall walking for sales.

–  Blast Christmas music when no one is listening and dance your butt off around the house! (This one is fun, don’t roll your eyes!)

This list is a great start and I’m counting on you guys to check in on me to make sure I do some of them!  Happy almost Holidays!!  ॐ

I’m sure there are many other things you can try to do to squeeze in some activity while visiting over the holidays – what do you like to do in a similar situation?