Honolulu Marathon Training Week 16

Only 17 days till the Honolulu Marathon!!

And, it’s now TAPER TIME!! 😀

You can probably tell that I am excited. There’s still so much to do and plan, but at least the heavy parts of training are now complete. It’s been an interesting journey so far, so I probably can’t qualify in the proper words how excited I am for this trip and this race. If you’ve been following along, you’ve seen lots of ups and downs in my training, but overall I have no major complaints.

yogicrystal runner

Goofing around in the park after a long run!

Here’s how week 16 went:

Monday – run : 31 KM long run that I posted as part of week 15 training

Tuesday – rest day

Wednesday – run : 35 mins treadmill – seriously felt like I was going faster than I was. Does this ever happen to you?!

Thursday – rest / work

Friday – run : 45 mins – tempo, maintained a good pace for the whole run!

Saturday – rest / work

Sunday – run : 21.1 KM long run – made a huge decision for this week’s long run that involved reducing the distance. I stressed about it all week, but eventually I had to decide what was best for my mind & body at this time. Between running, work, and school I have been feeling a bit run down, so I knew that I needed to make this change for me. I was supposed to run a 34 KM long run, but changed this up to a half marathon at a slightly better pace. It was difficult because it was cold, but I got it done and that’s what matters. Honestly, probably the best decision for my training week, but not sure how it will translate to race day.

Total KMs = 34.69

I honestly have to send a big shoutout & huge THANK YOU to Saucony Canada for sending me some awesome shoes to test out this winter. I’m all set up and can’t wait to show you guys these wicked shoes. One pair I currently wear – Ride 9 – but this edition is the Reflex Series, which is super reflective. Hopefully soon I will get a good night pic to show you how cool these are! The second pair is the Peregrine ICE+ and these light trail shoes have Vibram Arctic Grip, which helps with traction over icy areas. They’re also water resistant, so while I am excited to try these out, I am in no rush for harsh winter conditions yet! 🙂

saucony canada yogicrystal

Yay for shoes!

What’s the longest distance you’ll run for marathon training? Have you ever made the big decision to cut it short?


2 thoughts on “Honolulu Marathon Training Week 16

    • Awesome! I’m not excited for winter at all, but hoping these Peregrines will be helpful over the icy pathways that I run on. Maybe I’ll actually get myself on to some easy trails too!

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