Honolulu Marathon Training Week 14

Not a lot to report for this training week, which is totally ok in my books. This week was basically for recovery before the final big two week push, which I am now doing. I can’t believe how fast this training has been flying by and I already have so many thoughts and lessons to take away from this experience (which will definitely go into another blog post!). Also, I really have to start planning this trip… it’s getting close and I’m starting to freak out! It’s hard to find the time between work and school & I’m not great at flying by the seat of my pants. I like to have some things planned. I also want to balance doing tourist things, but also just relaxing on the beach. I miss the ocean everyday, so I can’t wait to be close to it again for a few days.

YogiCrystal Fall Run

Super excited for warmer weather in November!

Here’s how week 14 went:

Monday – rest / Halloween

Tuesday – cross-train : elliptical 40 mins – legs felt a little tired, but good workout

Wednesday – run : 50 mins – good pace

Thursday – rest / light walking

Friday – run : 30 mins – stressed & cranky, was happy to just get my run done

Saturday – rest / worked all day

Sunday – run : 1 hour, 45 mins long run – nice weather, felt pretty good. Really enjoyed this nice morning run as the sun came up and the temperature was a little warmer.

As you can see, a pretty easy week overall. It was nice nice to have the pressure of the huge long run looming over me, especially since I worked all weekend. Honestly, I really enjoyed that shorter long run because my nerves are certainly starting to build for the upcoming 30+ KM long runs I have ahead. I actually keep telling people how excited I am for the taper! 😛

The final push is on… I can’t believe it’s 4.5 weeks till the Honolulu Marathon!!

Do you ever get excited for taper time?


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