Honolulu Marathon Training Week 13

Wow, just under 6 weeks until the Honolulu Marathon!! And, it’s November 1st… Anyone else feel the year flying by?

Currently recovering from a family friendly Halloween of handing out candy at a friend’s place while also attempting to scare some older kids. πŸ™‚ Second year we have done this & I’m enjoying the tradition. I used to help with handing out candy at my grandparent’s place in Halifax and now apartment living causes me to miss seeing all the costumes, so I’m glad our friends invite us over on Halloween.

Calgary Runner Marathon Training

I look crazy & this was only about 10KM into my long run!

Here’s how my training week went:

Monday – rest day / yoga : 20 mins

Tuesday – run : 45 mins – 5 x 30 sec strides near the end of the run. Not sure why, but I felt ill during most of this run & somehow managed to finish it. Fun times.

Wednesday – run : 30 mins tempo – good pace & strong effort

Thursday – rest

Friday – rest – Was supposed to run, but felt so fatigued that I decided to reschedule this run to Saturday morning.

Saturday – run : 30 mins – easy pace

Sunday – 3 Hours ~ 28.11 KM long run – Pretty good run, ran a partial new route, but the last 30 mins of this run were a struggle. I wanted to quit & I was tired, but I managed to push through. Starting to get anxiety about longer distances coming up. Two super long runs left!

Total KMs = 46.14

October Total KMs = 178.17

Phew, that’s some high milage in a month for me! It was a good month, I was able to get back on track, but I also dealt with a lot of fatigue. This could be due to the changing weather and shorter daylight, but still it was quite noticeable how I felt like I just couldn’t get enough sleep. You’ll also notice that this week didn’t have any cross-training or strength training, which was mostly due to fatigue and scheduling. At this point in the game only minor strength work will be done & I’m going reassess everything after the marathon. For now I’m just working on getting to the big day!

Momentum Jewelry sharetheSPARK campaign

#sharetheSPARK πŸ™‚


As a Momentum Jewelry Ambassador I also got to #sharetheSPARK with two awesome people during the month of October and I was happy to choose friends who needed a little encouragement. Such a great initiative by this awesome company! Right now I feel like a lot of us could use a little support and love from those around us, so it’s nice to be a part of a campaign like this. ❀

How do you motivate yourself during the higher milage long runs? I need some tips! πŸ™‚


2 thoughts on “Honolulu Marathon Training Week 13

  1. It’s been way too long since I’ve had to motivate myself through a LONG run 😦 however, when I was doing long runs, I tried to focus on the fact that I could get outside, have time to myself and then come home to my family. I always stretch with my daughters post long run so that’s become a long run tradition I look forward to.

    • Very nice! My usual motivation is food – which isn’t the best way to go hahaha – but that’s not enough when it comes to 30K long runs. I think I need better music and new routes! πŸ™‚

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