Honolulu Marathon Training Week 10

Well, it’s official. Winter has started in Calgary. And, you can imagine how impressed I am. *eye roll* You might remember when I mentioned that we barely had a summer here, so I’m definitely not ready for the cold and snow we’ve been having over the past few days.

Despite winter, here’s how week 10 went:

Monday – run : 12 KM long run – nice run, good pace.

Tuesday – walk

Wednesday – run : 60 mins – treadmill because it was cold & raining and I wanted to watch Aquarius (don’t judge!)

Thursday – run : 45 mins, 4 x 30 sec strides at end of run – took body a long time to warm up

Friday – walk (snowing started)

Saturday – rest

Sunday – run : 21.1 KM long run – Cold, snow, wind. I was really cold at 10K, wanted to quit around 12K, and almost cried at 14K while running straight into the freezing wind. But somehow I managed to finish this run. A little slower than I wanted, but it’s done!

Calgary Snowman October YogiCrystal

Look, I made a new friend on my long run. 😛

As you can see, I’m still missing strength training. Seriously, I need a kick in the butt. I’m just not sure what’s best to do and how much… I need to look into this soon.

Starting to get back on track with my training and it feels good! I’m a little grumpy about having to figure out my running schedule around snow already, but I guess it’s time to suck it up. Honolulu Marathon is 2 months away, which is super soon when you think about it. I still have lots to plan, so I am freaking out a little bit while also getting excited.

Momentum Jewelry sharethespark

#sharetheSPARK 😀

As a Momentum Jewelry Ambassador, I’m also excited that I get the opportunity to #sharetheSPARK this week with two awesome people. I love wearing my motivate wrap all the time as a constant reminder of what I’m doing this running thing for. Honestly, there was a point during my cold long run that I repeated my wrap mantra “Earned, Not Given” over and over in my head so that I could keep going.

Have you been to Honolulu for the marathon or vacation? Any things I must see? 


6 thoughts on “Honolulu Marathon Training Week 10

  1. I’ve been to Honolulu. I’d say if you’re interested in learning to surf, you MUST take surf lessons from Hawaiian Fire. It was one of my most favourite experiences from my last trip there. I mean, it’s a surf school ran by firefighters.

    • Hopefully it did spark a fire, but we all need a little break sometimes! It’s fun to do different activities too, instead of all just running. I’m enjoying training, but want to try some other fun things after the big race. 🙂

    • Thank you! It’s early, but I’m doing my best to stay out of the winter blues and keep my running schedule going. 🙂

      Yes, they are great wraps! Seriously, the mantras on the bracelets help me get through some days.

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