Honolulu Marathon Training Week 8

I’ll just keep this post short & “sweet”, because that’s basically how this training week went… Well, the short part at least.

Monday – rest

Tuesday – run : 45 mins on the treadmill (rain & cold outside and I just couldn’t get out there yet hahah)

Wednesday – walk : approx 5 KM

Thursday – run : 45 mins – Hill training in the middle : 5 x 1 min hill bursts on a crazy incline. I love hill training and usually do it more, so I must get it back into my schedule!

Friday – Worked all day, couldn’t fit something into my schedule

Saturday – conference all day, by the end I had weird pains in my left leg so I took it easy for the night. Threw a frisbee around with the bf in the park just get to get some sun on my skin.

Sunday – Supposed to do a 12-15 KM long/taper run. Did not happen. Pushed this run to Monday (today) just to be safe with the left leg pain I was having. I did try 100m of kicking in the pool and that was tiring (I can’t swim)! Highlighted for me how much I need strength and cross training. (So embarrassing, but I thought I would share that.)

Total KMs = 14.76

Calgary Runner Training Marathon

So, there you have it. Another week with some little issues that got in the way of my training. I was feeling a little frustrated with this on Sunday, but I’m just going to continue on. I’ve got the Harvest Half Marathon on Saturday so I am looking forward to that… as long as the weather is better than last year!!

One of these weeks I am going to report something good, I tell ya. 😉

Time to open up – who’s taken adult swimming lessons? I’m considering it for the new year. 


2 thoughts on “Honolulu Marathon Training Week 8

  1. I would love to hear about others experiences with adult swimming lessons too! I can not swim either, actually, watching my daughter doing bobs at her lessons terrifies me! I really should learn too!

    • I’m considering it, but for some reason I am a little apprehensive and embarrassed. I grew up next to the ocean! haha This idea is looking like a new year’s resolution right now! 🙂

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