Honolulu Marathon Training Week 7

Well, another week of training has flown by and I’m not totally pleased with my progress. I guess this is when I should ask… Is there ever a week of marathon training that we’re totally happy with? I keep waiting for this to happen.

I’m getting pretty excited about this race and my first trip to Hawaii. Actually, I can’t believe that it’s approx 3 months away… I’m not ready!! hahaha Too early to freak out about what to pack, right? πŸ˜‰

Enjoying the last few runs in tanks & shorts!

Enjoying the last few runs in tanks & shorts!

Here’s how my week went:

Monday – rest : migraine

Tuesday – run : 45 mins (weird calf pains)

Wednesday – rest : calf pain

Thursday – bike : 15 KM (not pushing calf too soon, headache)

Friday – run : 45 mins (good pace, calf felt ok, rolled ankle while not paying attention)

Saturday – rest : not feeling well at all

Sunday – run : 18 KM long run pace (felt a little calf pain after, but nothing too serious)

Total KMs = 33.78

As you can see from this week, I had some ups & downs. Battling a migraine, calf pain, and not feeling well seemed to be the theme, so I am hoping to feel better this week. YEP I STILL NEED STRENGTH TRAINING. Haha And mileage is still a little low too, but what can you do when you’re feeling awful?!

Ok, onward & upward! Right? πŸ˜‰

Got to be ready for the Harvest Half Marathon in less than 2 weeks – any other locals running it?



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