Honolulu Marathon Training Week 6

Oh boy… so, week 6 came and went in a hurry. And, you’ll notice that there aren’t many miles in the total below there… (remember, this is a judgement free zone!! 😉 )

BUT, I did run a 10KM race and I did PB, so there’s that!

Monday – rest (walking)

Tuesday – run : 45 mins (Fartlek on indoor track, worked up some good speeds); strength (3 x 5 pushup, 10 crunches, 15 squats)

Wednesday – run : 6.50 KM (nice pace, cool morning)

Thursday – rest

Friday – bike : approx 15 KM

Saturday – run : Dino Dash 10K – Lots of fun and I got a PB chip time of 52:08!! This is approximately 1~ish minute faster than my last 10K about a year ago, so I am pleased. Would I have liked to go faster? Yes. But, I went out a little too fast in all the excitement and then burned out a little bit at the end. That’s ok though, I still had fun and met some fellow YYC runners, so that’s a good day in my books!

Sunday – rest

Total KMs = 24.36

Cool morning training run face...

Cool morning training run face…

Time to get back into some higher mileage for week 7 and I need to start remembering strength training. Seriously, why can’t I get myself into strength? I know I need it, but just can’t figure out the best exercises to do or occasionally it’s difficult to find the time. I have to get it together if I want to get faster!! (Greatly appreciating tips here… )

Anyone else race recently? How did you do?


3 thoughts on “Honolulu Marathon Training Week 6

  1. I bought a book recently that helps runners w strength training. Week by week workouts. Called “quick strength for runners”. I like it and it takes the guess work out of what exercises to do. Maybe I thought u would like it! Love your blog!
    Xo Jen happy training. (I follow u on IG! Thx for your encouragement always! )

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