Honolulu Marathon Training Week 5

Well, it looks like fall has arrived in Calgary and I’m totally not ready. Summer was probably about a week long here this year and I find myself still craving sun and warm weather. This girl needs her vitamin D!

Yes, I am aware that complaining about the weather is useless… I just do it anyway. And, it lets you know what I’m dealing with while training. Seriously, living in Southern California is my dream. I could really do without winter, but that’s me. πŸ˜›

Here’s how training went this week…

Monday – rest day (travelled back to Calgary from Halifax)

Tuesday – run :Β 35 mins (actually a warm day in Calgary, attempted Fartlek run)

Wednesday – run : 7 KM (good pace, happy with this run)

Thursday – bike : approx 15 KM

Friday – skipped run : migraine 😦

Saturday – worked all day, still had migraine

Sunday – run : 16 KM – every KM after 8 was a struggle. I felt tired, sluggish, and cold. It was a cool, grey day and I’m not sure I was prepared. Hydration could have been an issue too. I got it done, but this long run felt like a marathon.

Total KMS = 28.94

That was a tough long run... pondering life...

That was a tough long run… pondering life…

This week of training was tough. Didn’t really do any strength training and I skipped my interval run because of a 2 day migraine. Trying not to be too upset about it, but I know I need both of these things so that I can get faster. Either way, I did what I could and now it’s time to move on to week 6!

Tips for moving on from a tough training week?


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