Honolulu Marathon Training Week 4

Eek 4 weeks of training for my second marathon done! Time, and summer, have both flown by and I can’t believe I’m starting week 5 of training and fall is almost here. You can certainly feel fall in the air in Calgary, which I’ll be honest… I’m not ready for it. I never really am though.. Short summer or long summer (when do those happen!?), I’m not ready to move on to cooler weather. Either way, I’m doing my best to keep on training and sticking to my schedule as much as I can. Didn’t get everything on the plan done once I landed in Halifax, but I still got out for runs and learned a few things for my training.

Monday – rest day

Tuesday – run : 45 mins
Supposed to be a Fartlek run, but it was soooo windy that I just tried to go at a good pace the whole run. It was a good workout. Annoying, but good. 😛

Wednesday – run : 5 KM
Strength : 3 x 5 push-ups, 10 crunches, 15 squats

Thursday – flew to Halifax (took up most of day)

Friday – run : 5.5 KM
Grey, humid as all hell run in Halifax. Legs heavy at the beginning but I started to feel better as I got going. I was hoping that running at sea level after training at altitude would help me, but then I think the humidity was kicking me instead. Oh well, still enjoyed this run through my old neighbourhood. 🙂

Saturday – walk/hike : approx 7KM
Walked next to the ocean & enjoyed some scenery. It was hot & I loved it! Then went to a family BBQ and ate all the calories plus more back. Worth it.

Sunday – run : 8 KM “long run”
Because I still hadn’t adjusted to the time difference, I couldn’t get up super early before the sun & heat, so this run around noon was hot. Humid & hot. Now, I am not really complaining because I was trying to enjoy the few days of heat that we’re not getting in Calgary, but it did pose a challenge for my long run. I was aiming for 10K, but without water, etc I decided to cut it short at 8K. And that’s ok, I tried not to stress but I seriously learned that I somehow will have to heat train for Honolulu. Either way, I enjoyed the warm run on a great path in Halifax that passes by a couple lakes. Not too bad!

Total KMs = 26.30

Contemplating those miles. ;)

Contemplating those miles. 😉

Right away you’ll notice the lack of strength training. Ugh. At least I kept to my run plan as much as possible. Sometimes I find it tough to stick to a plan while traveling, but I feel like I did pretty good and I’m not going to beat myself up over it.

Two races coming up to focus on, but I’m not totally sure of the strategy I’m going for. I’d like to PB, but we’ll see. I have to keep the marathon goal in mind. Dino Dash 10K in about 2 weeks and then the Harvest Half Marathon in about 4 weeks. Excited and ready to be at a race again, I miss the crowds and community.

Side note: I had a really nice time visiting family back home in Halifax. I miss my nan, my family, and the ocean every day, so it can be tough to be away. It’s just nice to see the city and ocean again. Sometimes it’s good to reminisce, sometimes it’s not. But that’s all part of my story, part of who I am. Got to love what I can about it.

Anyways, that’s week 4 of training. Onward and upward!

Have you ever heat trained before? Tips?


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