Honolulu Marathon Training Week 2

Halfway through August already?! Oh my goodness.

I seriously can’t believe that summer is almost over. The weather in Calgary hasn’t exactly been ideal, so it almost feels like we’re still waiting for summer to start. I mention this because it does have an affect on training… Not the biggest fan of running indoors in the summer just to avoid cool rain/thunder/lightening/hail storms almost daily!

In spite of all the crazy weather, here’s a recap of week 2 training for the Honolulu Marathon:

Monday – rest / approximately 5KM walk

Tuesday – run 45 mins (Fartlek / speed burst every 7 mins). Felt like crap during this run, legs very heavy after standing at work all day.

Wednesday – rest

Thursday – run 51 mins (speed work / intervals)
Warm up jog
4 x 2 min approx 5:30/KM, 45 sec recovery
4 x 1:30 min approx 5:15-5:30/KM, 45 sec recovery
4 x 1:00 min approx 4:45/KM, 1:00 min recovery
4 x 0:30 sec approx 4:15-4:30/KM, 1 min recovery
Cool down jog
I was so cranky before this workout. I don’t like speed work at all & I’m not totally sure why.

Friday – run 5 KM (easy pace)

Saturday – rest

Sunday – run 12 KM (long run)

Total KMs = 32.53

Finally a gorgeous day!

Finally a gorgeous day!

You’ll notice that this week lacked strength and cross training. Not a good habit to get into and this needs to change right away. It was a little bit of a rough week, so at the time I was happy just to get my training runs done. I also need to figure out what I dislike speed training so much. I was quite a cranky lady before & during my speed training session and this can’t go on as I try to get faster over the next training cycle. Got to put the work in and try to enjoy it!

How was your training week? How do you feel about speed training?


2 thoughts on “Honolulu Marathon Training Week 2

  1. I’ve done a lot of speed work on my treadmill vs outside and loved it this past spring but have done very little since then. Right now I am a little sideline from everything due to a soccer injury. We’ll see how it goes!

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