Honolulu Marathon 2016 Training Week 1

I can’t believe it’s training time again! Honestly, off-season flew by and I’m not sure if I’m ready for training to start again. On the flip side, I am excited because this destination race will certainly be a highlight for me. The training will offer many opportunities for me to learn more about myself and my running abilities as well. Big goals and plans in my head that I will write about later, but for now it’s all about training for this big race in December!! (Recall that I signed up for this race before I even finished my first marathon… Way to commit myself ahead of time! 😉 )

Week 1 Honolulu Training done! :)

Week 1 Honolulu Training done! 🙂

August 1 – 7, 2016

Monday – Cycling : 23.5 KM (easy pace, recovering from light injury)

Tuesday – Run : 45 mins (15 min warm up, 15 mins Fartlek, 15 mins cool down), legs felt heavy & tired but I got it done!

Wednesday – Run : 5 KM (treadmill, easy pace)

Thursday – Rest

Friday – Run : 45 mins speed work (15 min warm up, 10 x 1 min at 4:45 average with 1 min recovery, 10 mins cool down)

Saturday – Rest (worked all day)

Sunday – Run : 10 KM (long run)

Total KMs = 29.26

Right away I notice that I need to start finding a way to schedule in cross-training and strength training. I did not do enough strength building during my first marathon training, so that certainly has to happen this time around. I often lack in this area because I am not sure what to do… Which exercises are best for running? What do I need to strengthen the most? Working on figuring this out so I can get started. I have goals that I want to achieve in running, particularly getting a little faster, so I know that I need to lift some damn weights!

Anyone else training for a fall or winter race? Excited?


6 thoughts on “Honolulu Marathon 2016 Training Week 1

  1. So exciting!!! I would LOVE to do the Honolulu Marathon one day! I’m training for a marathon in November. Excited, yes! Nice work on week one, keep it up and I look forward to reading more!

      • Rock n Roll Las Vegas! Big trip for me too… First time traveling specifically for a run! That’s so awesome! I bet you’ll love Hawaii! I’ve never been but it looks amazing!

      • They do! Vegas will be my first RnR run but I’m also doing Dallas… can’t wait! Hope you get to do one soon and I hope they are run bc I’m signed up for two lol… went on a bit of a run-registration frenzy…

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