My First Marathon Training Update #2

Marathon training is starting to get serious, so I know you’ve been wondering how it’s going. My last update shared some of my ups & downs and I can say that these past few weeks haven’t been much easier.

I’ll just say it here now… Marathon training is hard. Mentally, physically, and spiritually. Training for 42.2K has tested my resolve and my physical capabilities every damn week. I can’t say that any run has been easy the past few weeks. I have questioned my goal many times over and over, but I have also felt strong and rewarded. What a roller coaster!

Riley Park 2016

Week 7

45 min run ~ 7.3KM
7.78KM run
7.4KM run {10 min easy, 4 x (5 min tempo, 2 min walk), 10 mins easy = 46mins}
96 mins run ~ 14.52KM

Week 8

50 mins run ~ 7.7KM
25 mins run ~ 4KM (was supposed to be 50 mins of speed work)
42 mins run – 7.15KM {10 mins easy, 10 x (1 min fast, 1 min jog), 12 mins easy}
20 KM run ~ 2 hours, 14 mins — breakdown around 16K, cried on a park bench, almost quit running (was supposed to be 22KM)

Week 9

50 mins run ~ 8.66KM
Bike – 31 mins (1st outdoor bike ride of the season!)
45 mins run ~ 7.8KM tempo run {10 mins easy, 5 x (3 mins tempo, 2 mins jog), 10 mins easy}
Bike – approx 60 mins
24 KM run ~ 2 hours, 43 mins (no breakdown around 16K – woohoo! Pace a little slower than I would have liked, but still nice to finish this run!)

Calgary Bike 2016

1st Ride of the season!

Week 10

Bike – approx 60 mins
50 mins run ~ 7.87KM (treadmill)
Bike – approx 60 mins
30 mins run ~ 5.2KM {10 mins easy, 5 x 224m speed bursts, jog recovery, 10 mins easy} (indoor track) (was supposed to be a 56 min tempo run but I had limited time this day due to schedule changes, so I improvised)
30 mins run – 5KM easy
25.30 KM run + 1.70 KM walk (27KM) ~ 3 hours, 1 min (minor breakdown at 19.5K, hot, dehydrated, and left foot/ankle hurt so I tapped out at 25.3 K and walked the remaining 1.7 K to reach 27K. Considered quitting running & wasn’t impressed with myself. Definitely a tough run.)

There you have it, the last few weeks of my training. As you can see, it hasn’t been easy. Not that I thought marathon training would be easy, but I thought that I might be stronger than this. I had more confidence in myself and my abilities, but I feel like I am falling short. Learning lots about myself this training cycle, that is for sure. I definitely need more strength training after this and possibly more time spent meditating to boost my mental game.

In spite of everything, at least I can say that I am doing my best.

I’m 6 weeks out and I am doing my best.

I’m not telling you this to bring the mood down or to be negative… I’m telling you this because I’m real to a fault. This is my honest marathon journey. As you can see, I need some moral support. So, if you’re offering… 😉

Anyway, it’s crunch time… I’ve got this!

How do you find motivation when training gets tough? 


5 thoughts on “My First Marathon Training Update #2

    • Thanks! Great job to you as well. That wall can be tough, especially when you’re not fully sure if it’s nutritional, physical, or mental. Hope you’re feeling better!

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