My Word for 2016

Over the past week I have been inspired by fellow bloggers and Instagrammers who have posted about their word for the year. Since I don’t really do resolutions, I thought that considering a word – or short mantra if you will – would be more productive and meaningful for me.

I thought it over for a few days, but really I already had the word in mind. In my last post I mentioned that instead of a resolution I was just going to try to be more gentle on myself. To tone down the self-criticism and negative talk. So, as a result, my word for 2016 will be… Compassion.


For myself and others.

compassion Jan2016

Unfortunately, during tough times I can become quite negative. Trust me, I’ve been trying to work on this over the years because it isn’t productive and it just drains energy. Life can be very difficult at times (hello end of 2015), but being negative does not make things better. Beating myself up and blaming myself, definitely doesn’t help either. So, I need to be more compassionate towards myself. I need to go a little easier on me when life’s shitty moments happen. I’m not to blame for everything, so I need to cut that out.

I need to be compassionate and caring about the state that I am in (especially when others aren’t). Some people don’t understand depression and anxiety, and that’s fine, but when someone says to me “omg just get over it” I need to let that go and be caring toward myself instead. I also can’t spend energy taking on everyone else’s shit when I got enough of my own. But, compassion towards others who need it most is important too. Seriously, in this day and age we need to take care of each other more. Times are tough for a lot of us, let’s have more compassion for others and help when we can.

Truth be told, I’ll probably have to revisit this post many times throughout the year. I’ll need to remind myself of this promise, so I’ll write it in my journal and repeat it as a mantra when needed. This word for 2016 is very important to me and I need to do my best.. I owe it to my self, soul, and heart. ❀


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