2015 – The Positive Side of a Challenging Year

Wow, this year really flew by! Seems like it wasn’t that long ago when I was looking back on 2014 and reviewing successes and perceived failures, and here we are again.

To be very honest, I don’t really like New Year’s. I feel like there is so much pressure on thinking about how to make the next year better that it causes me anxiety. Especially after having a tough year. 2015 really had its up and downs, and unfortunately there were definitely more downs. There were more challenges than I would have liked to face. I know this is how life goes, but I honestly now feel more pressure to make 2016 better because of how 2015 went… and this is distressing. Yes, this should be a happier time of year, but I can’t be the only one ruminating on the past year during this holiday season.

Playing with my GoPro in the snow!

Playing with my GoPro in the snow!

Because of all this, I know I have to focus on positive events that happened in 2015, so I started compiling a list in my journal that I also wanted to share here. It’s a good reminder to consider the happy events that occurred, no matter how big or small. I personally need to feel a sense of accomplishment from other events because career and life were a bit challenged this year. So, here’s a list of some of my better moments of 2015

– Started the year off going to California for the first time in my life to run the inaugural Star Wars Half Marathon at Disneyland

– Visited family in Halifax, Nova Scotia & ran a 10K race while I was there

– Put my feet in the Pacific and Atlantic oceans in the same year!

– Moved across the country to Calgary again without too much stress πŸ˜‰

– Ran 4 half marathons – Star Wars (California), GoodLife (Toronto), Stampede Road Race (Calgary), and Harvest Half Marathon (Calgary)

– Ran a couple 5 & 10Ks in Toronto, Halifax, and Calgary

– Ran my longest distance – 30K – at Around the Bay in March and kicked butt!

– Met awesome running friends in Toronto after finally putting myself out there (and I miss them very much!)

– Ran my first whole winter outdoors in Toronto. This took perseverance!

– Went to some pretty fun country music concerts – Eric Church – Dierks Bently, Randy Houser, Tim Hicks – Miranda Lambert

– Had tons of fun at this year’s Calgary Stampede with awesome people & got to be a junk food judge for a day! (I was soooo full!)

– Saw California in the summer time (and didn’t want to leave)

– Had box seats to a Blue Jays game with my best friend (her first game live!)

– Got good grades in a course I’m taking so far

– Took lots of fun pics with my GoPro (looking forward to getting better at this!)

– Started running with the local Mec running group and met some cool people

– Ran over 1000KMs for the first time in my life!

I’m sure I could list more, but this post has to end at some point. The whole idea is that it’s good to have a look over the awesome things that happened during the year when you feel like it wasn’t that great. Trying not to ruminate too much on the bad and keeping in mind all the good. I also have to thank everyone involved in these awesome moments, I am forever grateful to have you all in my life.

I heart Venice Beach

I heart Venice Beach

As a closing, I’ll let you know that I don’t really do resolutions. In general I strive to do my best and be a good person, so I think that’s what matters. One thing I will do though is set the intention to be easier on myself in 2016. I’m going to try very hard at this because I am certainly my own worst critic. I need to be more proud of what I’ve done and focus more on how to stay positive during tough times. This will take work, but it’s something I know I need to do for myself.

I hope everyone has a lovely New Year’s and I wish you all the best for 2016! ❀

Do you set resolutions or intentions? Why or why not?


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