Toronto, I will miss parts of you…

Can you believe that I started this post months ago and then just never got to it? I had every intention of posting this during my transition from Toronto back to Calgary, but I got busy… and crazy… and busy. It happens to the best of us!

I decided I should still post this blog because I KNOW you are on the edge of your seat wondering what I will miss about big, crazy Toronto. Some of you may know that I had a difficult time adjusting to the huge city life in TO, but I think it started to grow on me near the end. Although I have been excited about this new chapter in my life, there are things, people, and places that I will miss about Toronto… so here’s a cool list for you to peruse. 🙂

Ten things I will miss about Toronto (no particular order)

1. The area we lived in. We were up in the north and the area was quite nice with all of the trees, wide open spaces, and parks. I never felt crowded in my area, which I can’t say about downtown.

2. The maple trees. The area that I lived in is lined with large, beautiful maple trees up and down the streets. It’s a gorgeous green in spring and summer and then in the fall the fantastic colours can’t even be described properly with words. It’s a gorgeous sight that I revelled in every day of the fall season. (I’m missing these trees right now!)

Stunning. <3

Stunning. ❤

3. My best friend from Nova Scotia lives in Toronto. Enough said.

4. Going to Blue Jays games. I’ve loved baseball since I was little and the Jays have always been my team. I will definitely miss going to games and having a blast with friends at the ballpark.

5. My favourite football team is SO CLOSE. I’m a Buffalo Bills fan (go ahead and laugh) and living in Toronto has been convenient for making it south of the border for games. I’m not sure I’ll see a live Bills game again at this point.

6. Favourite restaurants – I have a few in different areas of the city, they will be missed. Danforth – Louis Meat Market. My area – Sushi Kiku & Wimpy’s Diner. Little Italy – Utopia. There’s definitely more, but I will miss these places most.

7. Wine country is very close. I love wine, so you know it’s nice to have so many wineries only about an hours drive away. Niagara wine country is absolutely stunning and definitely will be missed. … but my wallet may be happier. 😉

8. Large body of water nearby. Lake Ontario certainly doesn’t fill in for missing the Atlantic Ocean, but it was nice to have close by.

9. The winters are shorter than Calgary’s. Not a winter girl, wish I could avoid it, but alas I live in Canada. Seriously, there were flurries in Calgary in August. I can’t make this up.

10. My running friends. Perhaps too late into my journey in Toronto, I met some really awesome running friends. I miss these people every day, but I am glad that we still connect on Twitter and Instagram. Such a great support group of strong, confident people. Lisa, Carmy, Cathy, Melly, Gemma, Courtney, Heather, and many more both in person and online. You’re all awesome and I hope to see you again soon! Related – I will miss all the awesome races available in Toronto to run with these people. Great times and lots of fabulous memories.


Awesome ladies!

Great group of people!

Great group of people!










You know, there are probably more than ten things that I will miss, but this keeps the post short and to the point. I never thought I would say this, but I hope to visit Toronto again soon. It’s tough missing people in both Halifax and Toronto now, but I am glad to know great people across our amazing country. ❤

Tell me, did I miss anything? Something else I should have mentioned about Toronto?


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