It’s Been Awhile…

Don't you sit down after doing speed work?

Don’t you sit down after doing speed work?

You may have noticed that I’ve been off the blogging grid for a little while. You can still find my rants, shenanigans, and running updates on Twitter and Instagram, but I guess I’ve been hiding from my blog for a couple months. It’s funny because I have tons that I could write about, but I haven’t been able to get in the groove. Honestly, I miss my blog a little bit.

Lots has happened in the past few months – ran a couple races, moved across the country for the 5th time, started a new job and taking some courses, struggled with my running, and a number of other things that have put me on an emotional roller coaster. Change is hard. Tons of change is extremely hard… Especially when it’s not all positive change.

I’ve been doing my best to manage and hoping to feel more settled soon. All I can say is thank goodness for my running. During these tough times with tons of change running serves as my therapy, it really grounds me when I need it most. I missed being away from Calgary and I have enjoyed hitting the trails and new routes since I got back. Funny enough, I’ve also been missing my Toronto routes throughout this fall season so far. I miss the warm air that stays a little later in the season and I especially miss all the beautiful changing colours of the maple leaves. Calgary has some colour changes, but not as vibrant as the maple trees and my neighbourhood in Toronto was overloaded with them (similar to where I grew up in Halifax too).

Either way, we are settling into our new routines in Calgary and I’m back to mentally preparing for another winter of running. I keep debating if I will continue winter running this year because last year definitely had its challenges. But, I don’t think I can give up on running like that. Also, I just need a goal… and my first marathon is the goal in the back of my mind. We’ll see… 🙂

I’m excited to post this update and hopefully get some more posts flowing again… I’ve missed sharing with my readers!

Are you mentally prepping for winter activities? Got any tips for me? 


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