GoodLife Fitness Half Marathon and Adjusting Goals

Happy it's Spring!

Happy it’s Spring!

As a runner (or any athlete, really) sometimes you have to adjust your goals mid-training. Hopefully the adjustments are for the better, but occasionally they’re not. I’m currently in the latter category.

After running Around the Bay and injuring my foot, I’ve had to adjust my goal for the GoodLife Half Marathon to something more realistic. Originally I had made my goal to finish the 21.1KM race in less than 2 hours. That means that if I crossed the finish line at 1:59:59 (chip time!), I’d be happy. I would have achieved my goal for that race. Unfortunately, I’ve now had to adjust this goal. I injured my foot running the ATB 30K on March 29, so I had to take 2 weeks off running to let it heal. I know that’s not a long time and trust me I am grateful, but it threw off my training for the 5 weeks before GoodLife. Speed training? Nope. Hill training? One session. Long run? 16K. So sure, I still feel strong and I know I can cover the distance, but under 2 hours has now been adjusted. At this point I am just hoping to PR (under 2:08), but I know that I can’t hold that against myself.

It’s three days before the race and my foot feels good. Running over the past 2.5 weeks has picked up and I’ve felt strong, so I’m taking that as a good sign. I’m also excited to get out there again to enjoy a crazy morning with my fellow runners. Races become almost like an addiction because of the connection to community and the excitement of everyone achieving new goals and dreams. It’s the amazing energy that I feed off of and really look forward to each race. I think even more so because I run/train mostly alone. It’s nice to get out there amongst the others who are taking part in this crazy sport. 😉

So here I am, chowing down on a bag of popcorn (carb loading, right?), ready as I’ll ever be for my third half marathon. It’s the first time that I’ve had to adjust a goal to be slower and it probably won’t be my last. But the best thing I can do is look after myself and listen to my body… and most of all – have fun!

Good luck and have fun to everyone running the GoodLife Toronto Marathon (every distance!) this weekend! May we be blessed with fine weather, speedy feet, and good treats at the end!


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