7 Ways to Turn Your Work Frown Upside Down

Ok, let’s be realistic for a few moments here. Not all of us love our jobs. Some of us are in transition, some of us took what we could get in this economy, and the rest may not know where to take their career next. Either way, there are people out there who don’t enjoy their current roles and aren’t in the position to move just yet. It happens.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, I’ll say that this post isn’t about getting out of your job and finding another one… this post is about the little things you can do to get through the day while you have to stay in your current position. (Because ‘make the best of it’ isn’t always the best advice, right?)

Trust me, I get it. You can be going along and having a pretty good day and then you have to go to work. Ok, it has to be done. We have bills to pay and experience to build. But, what can you do to keep that smile on your face? What are some things you can do to help you get through this shift?

7 Ways to Turn Your Work Frown Upside Down

1. Have intelligent conversations. Hopefully there are some cool people where you work. If so, seek them out and get to know them better. Spend a few minutes or a lunch break together having great conversations. This can help to pass the time, but also helps to keep your mind fresh and excited for what’s actually out there. If your job isn’t very exciting, intelligent conversations with others act as a great reminder that you’re still a smart, motivated, and engaging person underneath it all.

2. Watch a funny video. Not a whole movie, but a few short funny videos to pick up your mood. Like cat videos? Watch one or two. Comedy? Check out a video on your lunch break (just keep the volume down if the comedian swears a lot πŸ˜‰ ). Maybe even check out an inspirational video or two to help keep your spirits up and to inspire action. {TED Talks are a great place to start!}

3. Research your passion. I’m not telling you to search for a new job while you’re at work, but you can research your interests, passions, and hobbies. During your lunch read articles and blog posts that relate to whatever you’re interested in. This will also help to motivate you when you see others who are just as passionate about what you’re in to. (Not too sure what you’re calling is? Grab a motivational/self-help book for your lunch breaks or check out more inspirational videos to start getting the ideas flowing.)

4. Grow your skills. If you don’t entirely hate your job and if there is the opportunity to do so, take on new tasks or projects in your current role. Find out what else you can take on and then tackle those projects with determination. This will help to build skills for your resume, but also may show your current employer that you are capable of so much more. And you never know, this could lead to a promotion. …. Now, if you are in an awful job and you just can’t fathom the thought of taking on more tasks, I understand. This is an opportunity to take on a project, hobby, or class outside of work. Build those skills, put it on your resume, and start searching! You never know what might come up.

5. Allow yourself a treat. I’m not saying go wild and eat all the cupcakes here, but I do know from experience that depriving myself while working at a cruddy job is not the path to happiness. To help me get through the day I’ll grab a coffee at the start of my shift and I always have dark chocolate on hand. When I’m feeling a lull in my shift, I’ll have a couple of pieces and this helps me to get my brain back on track. Chocolate may not be it for you, so try what makes you happy. Green smoothie? Cookie? Fruit? Latte? I say just do it… but remember that moderation is key here.

6. Go for a walk. Yes! Get up from your desk and walk it out. Walk around the office building or do a little desk yoga. Live somewhere nice or it’s summer where you are? Take your walk outside. NOW. Fresh air and exercise are so refreshing and the time away from your desk helps to break up the day. Gym at your work? Even better! Do a short workout on your lunch break and you’ll be energized for the whole afternoon.

7. Read self-help articles. Read blogs, articles, books, etc. that are self-helpy and motivational. Then, journal. Seriously, get your thoughts down on paper (or online). This will help you get out of your head for a little while, but can also be quite revealing. Maybe you’ll notice patterns in your writing and the sorts of books/articles you’re drawn too. Maybe you’ll get your goals down on paper or start to develop a vision board. Either way, this will help you get through the day and will inadvertently help you start to plan for the future. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself, just do it and be amazed at what happens. πŸ™‚


Pic credit - www.dilbert.com

Pic credit – http://www.dilbert.com


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