Half Marathon Training Update

Can you believe it? Only 8 days until my first Half Marathon! I’m both excited and nervous at the same time, which I think is pretty normal. I still get a little nervous before a 5K, so this is definitely expected.

What hasn’t been expected is the roller coaster of emotions and thoughts that I have been experiencing over the past week. Negative thoughts, then positive thoughts, then discouraging thoughts… well, let’s just say my mind never stops! Just the other night, I even woke up in a panic of anxiety about the upcoming race. Seriously, it shouldn’t be disturbing my sleep this early! But it’s my first, so of course, I’m not sure what to expect.

Finished my last long run this past Saturday (it went well) and at this point I am pretty happy to be in the taper period. A lot of people talk about getting the crazies as they taper, but so far so good, when it comes to distance at least. My feet are happy to be running a little bit shorter because I have blisters that need healing! Sorry if that’s TMI, but that’s what I am going through. On the other side of tapering though, yes I am hungry ALL of the time. But that’s pretty standard for me. I am also checking the weather for race day like crazy, which I find hilarious. Weather can change so frequently, I don’t know why I’ve started this habit. All part of the process I guess! I also want to lay out my gear and supplies for the race, but I definitely know it’s too early for that! 😉

me 10102014.jpg

Today I am feeling pretty good about my training and the race. But who knows how I will feel tomorrow or the day after. Negative thoughts do rise up and I try my best to send them away. I’ve worked hard and put in my miles, no need to beat myself up and get worried. I’m going to kick ass… I’m running 21.1KM (13.1M) and that is no small endeavor! I’m really excited to get there and and experience the race day atmosphere. I believe this will be the biggest race I’ve attended, so it will be interesting to see how many people will be around. –> note: If you’re in Toronto, come out and cheer us on! Make a cool sign, or a cheer, I know all the runners would love to see you.

With only eight days left, there’s not much else I can do but run and mentally prepare myself for the atmosphere and the distance. I’m running 11K this weekend and then only short runs left before the race. I’m really looking forward to what this new challenge will bring for me!

But in all seriousness, is it too early to carb load? 😉


4 thoughts on “Half Marathon Training Update

  1. You’re going to do great! This is a big deal and everything you’re experiencing right now means you’re on the right path. It wouldn’t be worth the effort and it wouldn’t be a proper challenge if it weren’t pushing you like this. Take care this week and good luck next weekend!!!

  2. Whoo hoo!!! Looks like both of the half marathons we’re training for are happening on the same weekend!!! Best of luck to you – I’m sure you’ll be great! Can’t wait to hear all about it!!

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