First running injury

Well, it was a long week.

A long week waiting for my first running injury to heal. A long week trying not to feel discouraged and embarrassed. A really long week waiting to be able to do my next run.

Last weekend my left ankle wasn’t feeling great. I had some pain on the inside portion, but I mostly ignored it. I actually ignored it enough through 6.25K and then just ended up making the situation worse. So then I need to be put on rest. Rest! No running for a week. Who knew this would drive me crazy?

I was fortunate enough to get some acupuncture to help, while also icing, and resting it. I was frustrated waiting all week, but honestly this probably helped me a lot. I finally got out there yesterday and ran 4K just to ease back into it. Happy to report that I did not experience any ankle pain during the run or even 12 hours later.

Part of me finds it funny that something so minor could really throw off my training. Was I not taking care of myself? Was I increasing my distance too fast? I’m not really sure what brought this injury on, but I do know that it made me feel discouraged. Negative thoughts crawled up into my mind – what did I do wrong? Is running for me? How can I run 21K if I can’t even run 8K without getting injured? It’s amazing what the mind can do to us at times. The fear was really creeping up on me and I had to find a way to let it go. In this situation it was great to have my yoga practice. I still wanted to be active, but I didn’t want to push myself too much and make the ankle injury worse. Yoga was great for this purpose, but also for calming my mind. Focusing my mind on positive, relaxing thoughts instead of the self-deprecating ones. This really made a difference, helping me take my mind off of things and just allowing myself to heal. Sure, I’m back to shorter distances now as I ease back into my running, but I know it’s a process that I have to go through to get stronger physically and mentally. That’s what this running journey is all about isn’t it? There may be pains and tears, but there’s also triumph and joy.

See you out there!

How did your first running injury make you feel? Were you able to stay positive?



8 thoughts on “First running injury

  1. Nice job staying positive and giving your body the rest it needed. It’s incredibly difficult to do that in the middle of training, particularly when you’ve been making really great progress up to that point. I had a tendon in my knee give me quite a bit of trouble starting about 6 weeks before my half marathon earlier this year. I lost about 2.5 weeks of training, and the issue persisted, albeit in a lessening manner each week, for nearly 3 months. Even still I feel it sometimes on runs and certainly when I stretch. I dialed it back enough to not do major damage, but I probably could have taken it a bit easier too. It’s so hard, but I just tried to remind myself of the long term – “I want to run for decades to come, not just over those next few weeks until my race.” It seemed to help a little bit – keep up the good work!

  2. Take it easy girl! Glad to hear your back out there. Always listen to your body. It’s okay to not do it all one day if there is something not feeling right. Take it slow and try again. 🙂 curious, what 21k are you training for?

  3. The first injury is always the hardest. But it’s also a great way to reflect on yourself and it shows you that “you don’t know what you have, until it’s gone.”

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