Woohoo! Ran my first 8K today!

Ok, so I realize that every distance past the 5Ks I was running are going to be firsts – but I like to celebrate the little victories here. Seriously, even a year ago I never thought I would run longer than 5K and here I am increasing my distance little by little every week. I’m not sure if I had a mental block or fear was creeping up on me, but now I am pumped to run that extra distance. Trust me though, the fear is still there. When I am running and starting to feel a little sluggish or my asthma starts acting up, the fear will creep up into my brain. I start to wonder how I am going to run 21K if on one day I am struggling to run 6? I know every day is different, but those thoughts still creep up (and will probably continue to do so!).

Those thoughts aside, today’s run felt good! Gorgeous, sunny weather. Warm, but not humid. Just perfect. I was worried that I might need water on this run because of it being slightly warmer outside than usual, but I decided not to bring any and I was fine. Not sure when I am going to have to start bringing water (and then fuel), but I am not too excited about it. Water belts always slide up on me and then I waste time and energy always trying to adjust it. Such a pain! I know I’m going to have to get used to it, but not right yet. Suggestions when it comes to this are greatly appreciated. πŸ™‚

Hours later and I am still feeling pretty good. I did some yoga and stretching after the run, which I consider to be pretty important – mentally and physically. Last week I’m pretty sure I forgot my stretching after 7K and I felt stiff for the rest of the day. Not what I want to happen after every long run, so I am going to make a practice of remembering to stretch and possibly do some foam rolling. After all, I want recovery time to be quick quick quick!

There’s definitely lots to learn on this running journey, so I am open to suggestions and tips. Soon I’ll have to choose a training program, fuel for during the run, recovery foods, and more! Since there’s so much to choose from, I’ll want to pick wisely so I can maximize results and keep feeling great during my training. Excited – and nervous – to be on this journey, so I’m really glad to have this fabulous social media running community at my reach. See you out there! πŸ™‚



8 thoughts on “8K!

  1. I have asthma and run too! I took up running as a sport only about 9 months ago and have been pretty amazed that it has actually really improved my lung function and capacity. I can’t run without pre-treating of course, and the inhaler is always within an arm’s reach, but as long as I stick to a good maintenance routine, it doesn’t hold me back. How about you, how do you manage yours? Also, as for the hydration belt, I hate anything around my waist too. I’m not skinny enough to cinch that thing tight enough without feeling like the Pilsbury dough boy, ha ha. I use a backpack with a water bladder in it – basically a camel back. I LOVE it and can’t believe I trained/ran for 7 months without it! Plus, it’s got tons of great pockets and pouches. Maybe check one of those out if you’re in the market. I’m looking forward to following you and learning more about your journey – keep up the good work!

    • So far I manage my asthma by just having the inhaler nearby, but I am noticing my lungs are starting to struggle the longer I run. I imagine I may have to pre-treat soon enough as well, but I am hoping for better conditioning of my lungs as I go on. That’s great that you’re seeing progress!
      Thanks for the tip on the backpack, I may have to check some out. I will need the water, pockets for fuel, and for my puffer, so I need something good and not too heavy.
      I’m glad you checked out my blog, thank you! πŸ˜€

  2. Generally anything shorter than an hour will not require any extra hydration or fuel. Even if it’s an easier run, going longer is not super important. At most times our bodies have many hundred calories of glycogen (carbohydrate) stored on board as well as many thousand caloreis of fat. Plenty to get us through almost any distance of run. With water it’s best to simply drink to thirst, I prefer to simply carry a bottle with me.

    As for a training plan, getting a coach would be the best. Second best would be going to your larger bookstore that has a number of running selections. Grab a few of them and take an hour to skim through the schedules. There are hundreds of training books out there, and almost all will adequately make you a stronger runner. The best one for you will be the one that fits your schedule best and that you’re most likely to stick with, no one can make that recommendation for you.

    • Awesome, thank you! That’s very helpful.
      Great idea about finding a plan that fits my schedule. Seems so simple! Not sure why, but I feel like I should be doing intense training and running all the time. It’s not feasible for me right now, so it’s best to go with my schedule and reduce the chances of me skipping workouts or giving up. Don’t want that!

      • Intensity is something that should come on very slowly. With my athletes in a new training cycle I generally start them with the only intensity being a few 30 second strides within a couple easy runs, and each week they get more strides until they are fit to start dedicated quality running.

        You have to remember that you don’t get stronger from training, you get stronger from the recovery between hard training. Three quarters of your volume should be at an easy and relaxed effort level.

        As you are a runner new to longer distances, the best thing you can possibly do is try to run as often as possible. For newer athletes that can run 6 times a week, I like to try to get them to do that, even if 2-3 of those runs are only a few kilometres long.

  3. Instead of water runny belts, check out Camelbak hydration packs! My partner uses one for his long runs and I just got one. Also great for biking and hiking! I just started running this year too. I’m at 8kms myself! I really like the app Map My fitness for keeping track of my runs. Which do you use? As for fuel, I use Vega powder drinks pre work out right now. I haven’t started using any during or post yet. I find it settles my insides (if you get my drift!) I know my partner likes the gel packs for fuel mid run on his long ones. Well, keep going! Good luck out there and have fun!

    • Thanks! I’ve had a few people mention the Camelbaks to me, so I think I will check them out. Definitely for the long runs on hot days, I know I won’t make a whole run without some type of hydration.
      Right now I only have a protein shake after the run, but I might have to start something like the Vega before. I’m scared to try those gels, I’ve never heard anything good about them!
      I have a Nike Sport Watch that I use for tracking my runs. Has GPS and the runs upload to their website so I can track them. I like it so far, I find it great to have the visuals of progress. Thanks for the tips and happy running! πŸ™‚

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