This runner needs spring!

wpid-IMG_20140326_120547.jpgCan you believe it? Almost the end of March and I finally attempted running outside last week.

And it was GLORIOUS!

It’s no secret that I am a fair weather runner. I don’t do well in snow, ice, and cold (or extreme heat for that matter). One reason is that I am clumsy and I don’t want to risk an accident, the other reason is that my asthma does not respond well to very cold weather. I suppose I could train my lungs to get used to it, but that would mean getting out in the cold to run. Brrrrr, no thanks!

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind running on the treadmill but it does get a little boring after a while. I only race 5K’s right now, but I’m betting my mind will change when I start to run longer distances. To run 10K or longer without losing my mind, I might just need some scenery and to feel the fresh breeze on my face.

That’s why last week was so awesome. Sun was shining, breeze was blowing, and I just got out there and ran. Well, I had a planned distance, but I just felt so free and motivated! The first run was 4.5K on a nice, sunny day with the temperature around 2C. The second run was a bit colder at -8C, but it was so sunny that I couldn’t help but get out there. Once you start running outside, you just can’t stop. (Plus, I had to test out my new Nike+ Sport Watch that my bf got me, very exciting! My first ever running watch!)

I honestly admire those dedicated and passionate runners who get outside no matter what the weather is doing. And who knows, I might get to that point myself. But right now, when it’s -10C or colder, you will see me on the nearest treadmill staring out the window in desire.

Too be honest, it actually sounds like many cities are experiencing harsher winters than usual, so I know I am not alone. Let’s just keep our fingers crossed and minds on the positive side that the lovely spring will be here soon. (I’m definitely not trying to complain, because where I live the summer can reach the +40’s and that’s not so fun for running either!) Us fair weather runners have to be able to get out there because race season is starting and it’s very exciting. I’m training for the GoodLife Fitness Toronto Marathon 5K, so I know I need a few more outdoor runs to reach my goal. Plus, it helps with the motivation, which we know is super important when it comes to this sport we love.

So, here’s to spring and Happy Running to you!


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