Remembrance – Parvati Magazine…

In 2013 I took up the opportunity to write and share an emotional post for Parvati Magazine. I was given a month and a topic – November and Remembrance. That post was published, but sort of flew under the radar so I wanted to share a sample and a link to the full post here.

It actually took me quite a while to write this post for Parvati, I wanted it to be just right. It’s difficult for me to share very personal messages about my past, but this exercise actually ended up being therapeutic. I learned a little more about myself, but also fuelled the fire that I have inside to write and share more. I hope you check it out – there are other great posts in the magazine, but read mine first eh? 😉

Being Present On The Mat

It can be difficult not to think about the past. Everyday we see quotes posted on social media, in the books we read, and even in graffiti about letting go of the past and focusing on the new. Yet, I am guilty of living in the past. 

I have been practicing yoga for over six years, reading self-help articles and books about living in the present even longer, and I still glamorize my past at an unhealthy level. I am not proud of this, but I have celebrated the fact that through my yoga practice I am more aware of how this affects me and those who are close to me… (to read more please click HERE, scroll to the interactive magazine, and go to pages 8 & 9).

Thanks again for allowing me to share some of my story Parvati Magazine!



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