More and less…

(Note: I have procrastinated on this post for a week. A whole week! How’s that for starting off the new year πŸ˜‰ )

Let me start off this post by saying that I don’t really like New Year’s. When the end of the year draws closer, I grow more and more anxious while I ruminate on all of the things I haven’t done. The end of the year usually causes me to be more nervous than my birthday.

This might sound strange, but for some reason New Year’s feels so much more finite in time so it causes me to be uncomfortable with what I believe to be my lack of accomplishments. Yes, I am naturally drawn to the negative on December 31st, a fault I have been trying to work on for years.

I know that a new year can be exciting. Resolutions, intentions, goals and more are set and everyone gets quite excited with a little bit of a “start over”. The problem with this is that we sometimes put a little too much pressure on ourselves – myself included. When I make a list of things I want to do or accomplish in a year, and I don’t get those done, I feel like a failure. Truth be told, these past few years have been a bit difficult for me. Career, city, health, and relationship challenges have been in the forefront, so a lot of personal goals and dreams have been put on hold… for almost 2 years. This isn’t a great way to live. As we all know, life is too short to be stalling on your goals and dreams. When challenges pop up, we have to do our best to work around (or with) them, while still going after what we want. This might be my biggest lesson of 2013 – work with what’s happening and KEEP GOING.

So, for 2014 I wanted to make a different kind of list. No resolutions to be made, as I know this will be a re-building year. But to get this started I thought I would make a “more” and “less” list – things/actions/emotions that I want more of in 2014, followed by a list of what I want less of. This list was quite an eye-opener after I was done writing it. Made me feel a little sad about how 2013 went, but helped me to be aware of what I need to change for 2014 to be better.


Love, health, smiles, hugs, kindness (towards self & others), self reflection (“me time”)

Yoga, meditation, fitness (healthy body), running, learning, growing, travel, happiness, relaxation, positive flow

Writing/blogging for me, reading, acceptance, abundance, hobbies I love, being an ambassador


Stress, anger, worry, reacting, self-deprecation, struggling, resisting, wasting time

Blaming myself, moodiness, negativity, living for others

Social media, commuting, doing things I don’t really want to do, ruminating

I know this won’t be easy. We’re only a few days into 2014 and I’ve already found myself reacting and stressing in crowded situations and during my commute. Obviously these are things I would like to lessen or avoid as the year goes on, I know I’ll feel much better if I do.

Did you make a similar list? What would you add/change?

What the tiara says! ; )

What the tiara says! ; )


2 thoughts on “More and less…

  1. Love your post! I’m all about not making resolutions too, and just doing things when they should be done. This year though, I went off the beaten path made some. Thanks for sharing!

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