8 tips to get you through a holiday season detox…

Here’s the story… of a girl named Crystal…
Who decided to do a detox in December.

Please tell me you sang that to yourself to The Brady Bunch theme song. No? Well, try it again, then we’ll get on with the story.

Alright, now we’re good.

Yep, there is this crazy girl named Crystal who decided that a good time for a detox would be in December. That time of the year when it’s getting colder, the beverages are getting warmer, and people are throwing around baked goods like they’re on fire. Staying on track and not over indulging during a regular week can be tough enough, but oh my, this gal wanted a real challenge.

So, this is how she came up with a list of daily detox tips to help her stay focused and at least keep a light and humorous attitude about the situation. Some of these were posted to Twitter and the rest are here for your special reading pleasure. Although these tips may be fantastic, don’t go trying the holiday detox alone… hell, you better just wait till the new year.

8 tips to get you through a holiday season detox

– This first one is obvious – don’t do a detox in December. Really, it’s not as fun as it sounds. Try the last few weeks in November or the new year, just don’t punish yourself unnecessarily in December.

– If you’re going ahead with this, be fully prepared to hibernate on days 3 and 4, they can get ugly (If you live with someone, do them a courtesy and WARN THEM) (note: this may differ for everyone, I made it to day 9 without being crazy this time and then BAM!! Sugar cravings and grumpiness came out of nowhere, my poor boyfriend)

– Don’t make plans with anyone for the duration, unless they are also on a detox (this way you don’t have to cheat and add another day on the end to make up for it – #guilty. But really, who does a detox in December?!)

– Going to the gym? Bring six times more detox friendly snacks than you normally would. Seriously. Especially if going to work…

– Avoid everyone at work as much as possible so they can’t offer you treats (probably much easier if you run your own business or work from home)

– Don’t be crazy and watch the Food Network while doing your cardio at the gym. Honestly, who is turning the TVs to that channel?

– Do not, I repeat, do NOT go on Pinterest… or Facebook… Or Instagram… (you get the idea). Soooooo many pictures of delicious cookies…

– Find a support network. Trust me, they’re out there. People who will cheer you on for being this crazy or may even join you! You’ll need the support when coworkers and friends and throwing cookies or delicious mulled wine in your face.

I’m sure there are many other tips that could be offered for a December detox, maybe even some serious ones, but these were the ones constantly coming to mind. I really needed that support network, even my boyfriend still had some nachos – isn’t that brutal? 😉

Now, go off and enjoy your holidays! Have some great treats, lots of turkey, and a few glasses of mulled wine. Remember moderation, but don’t forget enjoying yourself. Happy Holidays to you, my awesome readers!

What December detox tip would you add? (In case I do this again next year…)
Not detox friendly... for some reason...

Not detox friendly… for some reason…


3 thoughts on “8 tips to get you through a holiday season detox…

  1. I also attempted a ridiculous December detox. Lasted three days. Am now taking it easy but postponing my full-on detox for January. Have just written a blog on how yoga can help keep us sane during the summer holidays… check it out. Loved your blog xxx

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