Food guilt…

There I was this morning, listening to my stomach make funny noises while feeling a little queasy as I woke up. I sighed, I moaned, and I started to feel food guilt. Not the best way to start my Friday; feeling regret about what I ate the night before and beating myself up about it.

I’ll set the story for you… Last night was NFL Kickoff 2013 and I was excited for this year’s football season to start. Yep, I’m a football fanatic and it’s one of my favourite things about the fall (the other being Pumpkin Spice lattes, but that’s a whole other post). We don’t have cable in our house, so my boyfriend and I got ourselves ready and headed out to a local pub to watch some football and grab some eats. Once we finally got seated I scanned the menu and started looking at all the unhealthy things I could eat, drooling over pictures of nachos and burgers. I’d gone for a really good run a few hours earlier, so by this time I was quite hungry – not the best idea! So I started convincing myself how it was a good idea to have a poutine with my glass of wine. I told myself that I had a kick ass workout so I deserve it. It’s the start of the football season, why not? Etc. Etc. Well, I listened to this inner dialogue and ordered the plate of delicious and savoury poutine. Oh yes I did. I enjoyed every damn moment of eating it as well. I didn’t think too much of it really.

Until this morning.

What I may not have mentioned is that I am lactose intolerant. I know this well. Was I thinking about this last night when I ordered the poutine? Hell no. I just wanted my tasty football treat. Which, I then regretted in the morning. I felt like crap. I found myself saying “I’ll never eat that again!”, which sounds oddly like a hangover doesn’t it? It’s quite funny that I only had one glass of wine and instead had a nice FOOD hangover to suffer through. I feel like this is something close to irony.

In the end I only let myself be upset about this for about 20 minutes. Seriously, I had to move on. Life is all about balance and sometimes we just deserve that treat. No sense spending hours berating myself for eating something that I know I really shouldn’t have, I have better things to spend my energy on. I workout, do yoga, or run about fives times per week and eat a mostly clean diet. Sometimes I will falter and have a treat or maybe an extra drink, I’m human. If I would have spent more time in regret than that would have become more harmful than the poutine itself.

This isn't the culprit, but you get the idea. (pic credit:

This isn’t the culprit, but you get the idea. (pic credit:

So, when we indulge a little or have that special treat let’s not sit around making ourselves feel guilty. Don’t berate yourself, just acknowledge what you had (and make a note if it gave you a reaction like an intolerance) and move on. Life isn’t all about celery and crazy workouts… Balance is very important in all aspects of our lives – work, play, food, etc. Get yourself out there and Enjoy!Β  Β ΰ₯

Have you ever experienced food guilt? How do you move on?


5 thoughts on “Food guilt…

  1. Food guilt was a huge part of my life for a LONG time! One way I have learned to get past it is to eat mindfully, to really be present with the treat I am indulging in . When I am conscious I can enjoy without over doing it. And if I thoroughly enjoy something…what’s there to be guilty about!? πŸ™‚

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