Infuse your water this summer…

IMG_20130523_113048A few days ago I posted this delightful picture on Instagram, which spurred a great conversation about how to get started with prepping these jars and what you can put in them. Of course, I didn’t start the idea, but I was pretty excited when I finally picked up some jars and prepped them with lemon and cucumber. I already drink a ton of water, along with herbal tea throughout the day (and the occasional decaf coffee), but as the weather gets warmer I want to have some fun alternatives around the house so I can stay hydrated and enjoy what I’m drinking.

There are so many things (fruits, veggies, herbs) you can throw into these jars to spruce up your water, this week I used lemon and cucumber because they taste great and have detoxifying properties. I’ve also seen people throw fresh mint into the jars or frozen berries, which then add a great taste to your water throughout the day. Suggestions from friends on Instagram included ginger, cranberries, and herbal tea bags.

If you’re the type that doesn’t like to drink a lot of water because it has no taste, or it’s boring, you should try these! You don’t need mason jars of course, but reusable glass containers are best. Plus, the jars make it easy to prep some for a couple of days ahead, so you can just grab and go if you need to! You can also create a few different ones – like lemon and cucumber in the morning as you start your day and strawberries and mint for the afternoon. Fun, right?!

For each jar I added a few slices of cucumber and 1/4 lemon, but you can adjust this to your personal tastes and the size of the jars. For fruit jars, add 3 frozen strawberries or a few slices/chunks of orange. Really, you can just play with the amount you add to the jars and see what tastes you prefer. Then, you can continue to refill the jars with filtered water throughout the day – easy way to stay hydrated that’s healthy and delicious. Give it a try and let me know what you think! Β ΰ₯

What’s your favourite healthy way to spruce up your water? Any suggestions for the jars?


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