So they didn’t pick me…

(Note: I wrote this post a few weeks ago and sort of sat on it, not sure if I should share it while I am looking for a job. But, I realize that these are the times and many of us are out there searching for our next opportunity and may meet with rejection regularly. The key is to keep on going and searching for that amazing place that will be the right fit. It will come.)

So, there’s this company that I really, really wanted to work for. I won’t mention their name here, but let’s just say they’re an international organization that most people are familiar with.

I’ve applied three times. I’ve gone to three group interviews. I’ve then met with the person in charge. And then I’ve been rejected.

I’m trying not to take this personally, but seriously, how can you not?

Funny enough, I fit the entry position to a ‘T’. I have the background experience, my extracurricular activities are well aligned, and I love working with people. But for some reason, I’m just not this company’s material. And for the life of me, I can’t figure out why.

The point of this isn’t to ramble on about why I can’t get the job, the point here is more about how I can’t seem to handle this rejection well. Every time this happens with this particular company, I take it to heart and start to question myself as a person. Are they seeing something I’m not seeing? Do I have a horrible personality trait that the people in charge don’t seem to like? These thoughts really do go on and on.

Anyone else who’s been rejected by a company that they really want to work for can probably relate. When you feel like a certain role would really align with your life and you can’t seem to get there, you really start to wonder what you’re doing wrong… Or, if this is what you really want. Goals and dreams start to crash around you and sometimes you don’t know where to go from here.

I read a lot of self-motivating books and blog posts that tell me to get out there and achieve my dreams. Life is there for the taking! But what about when you don’t achieve those goals? How many times do you try? I’ve tried three times, and I’m starting to think that’s enough. And I’m not looking at this as if I’m giving up. This is moving on. 

This is reconfiguring my goals and finding another approach to getting to the end result. I don’t need this one company to get there, it just would have been a big help to work in the proper environment. But I believe I can find that atmosphere elsewhere.

I want to surround myself with amazing people who are doing great things, who are also elevating those around them. I want to share what I have with them, pushing them to see their greatness as well. Sharing and caring environments are out there, you just have to look for them. Sometimes, one place is not the be all end all of your life. Plus, there’s only so many times I can try to convince a company how awesome I am. If they don’t see it, then it’s their loss. Time to move onwards and upwards where I can spread the joy and with others who will love and appreciate it.  ॐ

What’s your best strategy for dealing with job rejection? 


One thought on “So they didn’t pick me…

  1. I recently thought of it like this: Keep knocking on as many doors as you can. The ones that remain closed are not meant for you. Maybe at another time, but not now. The ones that do open … they open for a reason and that’s because in the end you will get to just where you deserve to be, where you wished you’d be. It’ll all work out for the best. Trust your gut, you’re doing well. Keep moving!

    Nice blog btw 🙂


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