One goal down…

Yesterday morning I woke to some awesome news in my inbox – my article was published on elephant journal!

How exciting is that? I’m still pretty pumped about it.

This all started a few weeks ago when I had a chat with my friend and yoga teacher about which direction I’d like to take my life in after recently finishing a contract role. I mentioned that I enjoyed writing and hoped to have some articles published in different online publications someday, like elephant journal. To which her reply was just do it! I stared blankly at her like she was crazy, so she told me to write her something about what I am experiencing right now and she would take a look at it. She gave me a week.

To be honest, I felt panicked about this. Even though I currently write and share stories on this blog, I felt even more nervous about writing something for just one person to read. But, I did it. A week later I sent her my article and she gave me great feedback and told me to send it. So, a few days later I prepared my submission and sent it into elephant journal with my fingers crossed. And well, the rest is history! I really would not have sent something this soon without her extra push, and I thank her for that.

You can check out the post HERE, titled To Teach or Not to Teach. In this post I share some more private details about my life and how I am working to stay on the path I love, instead of returning to old patterns. It was a little scary to write, but I am definitely glad it is out there now. Check it out, let me know what you think, leave me some comment love if you have a minute.

Hopefully you’ll be seeing more of me on elephant journal in the future. Just have to keep putting it out there! ॐ

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