Yoga Weekend Bliss…

Now that I’ve had the time to let the adventures of this past weekend sink in, I wanted to sit down to write and reflect on the awesome events I had the pleasure of participating in. It was a yoga filled weekend, and even now I am still feeling the buzz that comes from this great practice.

On Saturday I had the honour of attending Yoga Unite here in Toronto, which is a fundraiser in support of the New Leaf Yoga Foundation. For those unfamiliar, New Leaf is a non-profit that offers yoga programs to youth who are facing barriers such as neglect, abuse, involvement with the criminal justice system, socio-economic issues and more. Needless to say, this is an amazing organization doing great things with the youth in the community who deserve access to healthy activities, such as yoga.

The event had silent auction items (of which I won one!), massages by donation, Vega samples, live music, and more which everyone was able to take part in before and after the yoga. Right away I will tell you that the yoga class taught by Chantal Wade, Ella Isakov, Duncan Parviainen, Ashley Holly, and Jordana Halpert was AH-mazing. These teachers were able to make this class flow seamlessly, which was certainly helped by the transcending music of Darren Austin Hall. Darren sang, played the guitar, and the crystal singing bowls so well that I felt like I was taken away out of the room, out of Toronto even, and placed in a yoga sanctuary. Seriously, if you have never experienced crystal bowls before, give it a try. Right now. The vibrations from the sounds are extremely relaxing and healing, I just can’t get enough. I left this event on such a yoga high that it was difficult to imagine topping this afternoon spent with friends and the community, all while giving back to such a great organization.

Sunday followed up with another afternoon spent in the bliss of yoga. This time in a workshop held by Ashley Holly and Jordana Halpert called Vision Flow. This workshop involved the theme of ‘letting go’ paired with restorative yoga poses and guided meditation. For those that know me, guided meditation works best for me right now, so this practice was both relaxing and revealing. Ashley and Jordana work very well together, again seamlessly, transitioning between sections of the class with no effort or disruption to flow and relaxation. I left this class feeling so serene, I barely remember the hour long transit ride home. I was off in yoga-mind-land somewhere and it was great.

In the end, this past weekend had me feeling positive and in a sense, ready to take on the world. Such an amazing feeling, that I don’t want to lose it. Situations will arise that will challenge this feeling and the key is just to take things as they come and never let that feeling of positivity and hope go. Being surrounded by passionate and engaging people certainly helps and I am very glad to have made these connections since living in this new city. I look forward to what is next and am taking it one day at a time, it’s the best we can really do. ॐ

Setting up at Yoga Unite

Setting up at Yoga Unite


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