What do you run with…?

Does anyone else out there run with their cell phone?

First, I do like to have my phone with me in case anything happens or if I’m waiting for a really important call. And second, I use my phone as my GPS to track my runs with the app MiCoach by Adidas. I’m only a 5K runner, but I still like to track my runs and see my progress (or note when I have bad days and why). The thing is, my phone is a Samsung Galaxy Note 2. If you’ve seen this phone, you know it’s HUGE. Any time I use this phone, I get numerous comments thrown at me including ‘what the hell is that?’ and ‘who uses their tablet as a phone?’

Some people even think I’m crazy for running with this phone.

There are no arm bands for this thing, it would take up my whole upper arm, so I run with it in my jacket pocket. This suits me just fine for now, even though it can be heavy. The problem will be when the warmer weather hits and I won’t want to wear my running jacket. The option that is left is to run with it in my hand, but I seriously don’t want to sweat all over my phone on a hot day and I certainly don’t want to drop it.

So, my question is… what do you run with? Do you use your phone, iPod, or some kind of cool watch to track your runs?

I know I’m going to need an alternate way to track my runs soon, but I have no idea what I should get. Some of the watches look cool, but sound really technical sometimes. I just like to track my distance, time, and pace most of the time, so I don’t need it to be super techie. And if it links up to a program or site for tracking over time, even better! Plus, I’m budget conscious, so it makes the decision even funner. Time to do my research! Β ΰ₯



5 thoughts on “What do you run with…?

  1. I usually don’t run with my cell phone, unless it’s a long trail run. Even 15+mile road runs, I leave my phone at home. I use my Garmin 305 for all my runs and rides as my main recording. Except when I’m on vacation and I don’t have the 305, I’ll use RunKeeper on my phone. I usually just have a credit card and key in my Nathan QuickDraw. I don’t carry an ID but, I have a RoadID that I wear.

  2. I liked running with my (i) phone because it has my music and my runkeeper app that thanks to cell/gps would prompt me at times/distances/etc. It sucks carrying a phone only because of the size but otherwise it is great. I use my phone in case something happened (my back) or if Theo needed to get ahold of me.

    If you are wanting to get rid of the phone then the Garmin is the only way to go πŸ™‚ I often used both phone and Garmin and then compared the accuracy/results (nerd).

    • Sounds like it’s the best way to go, but I also like having my phone in case anything happens. I wasn’t thinking about this when I chose this large phone back in December!

  3. I run with my iPhone – it has my music and my running app (endomondo) which tracks my route, pace, hydration, and has the ability to do heart rate and a few other things too (although I’ve not used it to full ability yet).
    I have this little bag which slings over my shoulder and I put it on underneath my running gear so that it doesn’t bounce around much – and my phone fits really well in it.
    I have just started using the miCoach so am looking into that as an addition to my phone now too.

    Good luck with your running!

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