16 things you can do to get out of the ‘dumps’…

pic via My Holistic Coach on Facebook

pic via My Holistic Coach on Facebook

Let’s say you’re having a bad day… ok, week. You’re having a bad week. It happens to all of us – could be that things just aren’t connecting, you received some bad news, got laid off, had a bad break-up, etc – these things happen to each and every one of us. How we react is what sets us apart.

Some people have the ability to brush things off and keep moving forward, and then there are those of us who don’t take these situations as easily. Each response is neither good or bad unless the brushing off becomes avoidance and the difficulty dealing becomes depression. Hopefully in these situations we have the awareness to acknowledge the path we are going down and seek help, so that we can keep our heads above water in tough times.

I will be honest here, sometimes I handle things relatively well, sometimes badly, and occasionally avoidance. It can depend on the situation really. But during times when my reaction is sadness, I have to find ways to get myself up and out of the ‘dumps’.

How do you pick yourself up after a bad day (errr, week)? Here’s a list I’m starting, what can you add to it?

1. Talk to friends – best friends know exactly what to say, whether we want to hear it or not. Reach out and don’t be ashamed today.

2. Watch funny movies – laughter can be uplifting and funny movies can take our minds off our troubles for a little while.

3. Listen to music that lifts you up – dance around the house if you have to!

4. Listen to music that makes you cry – sounds weird, right? Nope. If you’re holding in something and needing a release, cry away here.

5. Spend time with family – being with that special person you connect with in your family can be very healing.

6. Get outside – get some fresh air, go for a walk, run in puddles… just get out there!

7. Do some Yoga – you had to know I would say this one. If it’s not in the budget, try doing it at home or seeking out karma/free classes in your area. You’ll be glad you went.

8. Exercise – go running, get a workout done, go walking, do a fitness DVD, doesn’t matter to me. Just get those endorphins going!

9. Eat healthy, whole foods – food is medicine, so have a look for great mood boosting foods that are healthy and whole (no junk food, sorry!).

10. Read a good book – take your mind off things with a great novel or pick up a book that could be helpful for what you are going through. Motivational books can be inspiration to getting you back on track.

11. Journal – write your feelings out in a journal, record motivational phrases, write about what you are grateful for, draw pictures… anything that helps you feel better.

12. Eat dark chocolate – ok, this one might just be for me, but a few bites of delicious dark chocolate can really hit the spot. Don’t eat the whole bar though, don’t want to feel worse or end up on a weird caffeine/sugar high ; )

13. Play with your pets – have a dog or cat? Spend time playing with your pets, this can really bring a smile to your face. Take your dog for a walk and enjoy the scenery together while getting exercise – fun!

14. Avoid things that anger you more – if social media is getting to you or bringing drama into your life, avoid it for awhile. You can do it and you will feel better for taking time away to do other things.

15. Do the little things you love – do you like crafts? Coffee? Cheesecake? Then go ahead and do the little things that make you happy and don’t feel guilty about it. But, remember moderation. Have a nice small cup of coffee, not the whole pot. Grab a few things to start your scrapbooking, don’t buy out the whole Michael’s store. See what I’m getting at? : )

16. Meditation – now, this may bring up more thoughts and issues in the beginning, but working through them and taking the time to meditate can be very rewarding. Start with guided meditation for 5 minutes and be easy on yourself.

17. Check out the Humour category of Pinterest – submitted by @JDtrains as something you can do if you need to brighten up right away (ie., at work). Scroll through these, you’ll laugh for sure.

(I’m not claiming to be a medical doctor or have all the answers, but just want to share the little things that have helped me pick up after a tough day. If you feel like things may be a bit more serious in your situation, please seek out help in your family or with a doctor. Take care and be gentle with yourself.) ॐ


2 thoughts on “16 things you can do to get out of the ‘dumps’…

  1. Good stuff, miss! For me, if working out or drawing doesn’t work, I go for a drive. The faster and farther, the better. 🙂

  2. I always resort to taking a long bike ride. It gets you moving and helps empty out your head. Just like Jason said, “the farther, the better.”

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