Something weird is happening to me…

What in the world is happening to me?

I’m experiencing this strange, new feeling…

I’m starting to like… Running.

Yes, running.

I think I need to take my temperature.

If you recall, I wrote a post about “hating” running back in 2011, I’m not sure what has changed. I even found myself missing running this winter.

Do I have a fever?

Here’s what I think is really happening – I think it’s that I miss the outdoors and warm weather and I get to enjoy these things while running. Makes sense right?

Oh damn. I’m starting to like running. How did this even happen? It weirds me out even telling you this. But it’s happening.

I like the great active-wear, lacing up my runners, listening to fast music, zooming past people on the sidewalk, sun shining on my face, and the great burn I feel from moving and sweating. Feels great to see improvements in runs and to analyze (not too much!) why I had a bad run when it happens. Most of all I think I like it now because I took the competitive nature out of it for myself. Before, I used to put tons of pressure on my self to run fast and far. I would feel like garbage if I didn’t finish my 5K in 30 minutes… I would over analyze. I don’t do that anymore. Over the past 2 years I have got myself to a mindset of running for fun and fitness. Of course, I still track my times and progress because I like to see how I am doing, but it’s not for the point of competitiveness and berating myself.

I will sign up for races, but I also won’t pressure myself to overdo it just to make certain times. If I run 5K in 36 minutes, oh well. That’s good in my mind and at least I am doing it. I’m not going to feel bad if I only do 5K max runs this season. As long as I’m happy with my goals and progress, that is what matters. I am bringing the idea of ‘no ego’ from yoga into running. That’s right. Look out fellow runners, I will be out there and I’ll just be happy running along and enjoying myself. Going at my pace and enjoying the scenery. And that’s how why I’m starting to like running. See ya out there!  ॐ



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