New Year fears and goals…

Happy New Year!

Ok, I know I’m about a week late, but better late than never, right?

Seems like only yesterday I was writing a blog post about how my 2011 went (not great) and here we are, a full year later. Time sure does fly. Unfortunately, I don’t have the best things to report about 2012 either. I had high hopes for 2012 and I even mentioned a few things I wanted to accomplish during the year.  Let’s just say that most of them didn’t happen.  I was unpleasantly surprised with career and health issues in 2012 and those became my focus for the rest of the year.  Still unresolved, still a work in progress.

Because of this, I am extremely hesitant to make any goals for 2013.  On New Year’s Eve I felt awful about the things I didn’t accomplish due to these speed bumps and I don’t really like that feeling.  I don’t like feeling disappointed with myself.  So, I’m not really in the mood to feel that way again in less than 12 months.  Yep, that’s me living in the fear I guess.  Trying to convince myself that if I do accomplish anything, than I’ll be pleasantly surprised instead of let down if things don’t work out again.

Well, I know I can’t think like that.

I have to plan and at least have a few goals for myself.  Need some direction.

Broad goals for 2013 include going on a small trip outside of Canada, gaining some clarity on “what I want to do with my life” (or at least for the next 5 years), and improving my health.  These aren’t huge goals – well, maybe the career one is!  I’ve never really been able to figure out what it is I want to do and it’s a challenge.  But, I know I’d like to find a role in an organization with great people where I continuously learn and give back to the community… with an alright paycheque. ; )

In the end, I’d just like to make a few steps forward after 2012’s setbacks (especially in the health area). Feel a sense of accomplishment and have a smile on my face.  Sounds good, right?

Another goal I have already started for 2013 is to do a yoga pose per day.  I can’t make it to a yoga class everyday and there are definitely some days I don’t feel like working out, but I am committing myself to get into a pose at least once a day. Yoga always makes me feel better and doing one pose shouldn’t be hard. Plus, it’ll probably lead into more poses, so at least I’ll be getting a little yoga series in once a day all year long. It will be a random pose everyday, whatever my body feels like doing at that time.  I’ll also post it to Twitter at some point in the day with the hashtag #yogipose365 if you want to follow along (or check up on me!).  This is definitely one step in the right direction to feeling great!

So, wherever you are and whatever your resolutions for 2013 are, I wish you the best in all areas of your life.  Let’s make this a great year together!  ॐ



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