Cleansing for the new year… myInsens Giveaway!

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Is it just me, or did 2012 really fly by?  Seems like only yesterday we were ringing in the new year and beaming with excitement for the things to come.

And now we’re at that time of year again, the time to wish and plan for the new year ahead.  Soon we’ll be ringing in the new and and reflecting on the old.  How did 2012 go for you?  What are you hoping to accomplish for 2013?

Some people at this time of year might need to cleanse out old thoughts, habits, and behaviours.  Maybe even cleanse out the space they are in to start fresh for the new year ahead.

One great way to cleanse and clear the space you live in is to burn some refreshing incense.  This can create the essence of clearing the air while creating a relaxing space – especially when the incense is made from all natural ingredients, such as those by myInsens.  Or, maybe you would just like to enjoy myInsens while doing yoga or relaxing in the tub with a good book, either way their scents create a calming, rejuvenating atmosphere that make me feel like I’m in a beautiful yoga studio.

Why am I telling you this?  Well, not only because I love the myJoy incense, but I also wanted to tell you about this great company that gives back to the village in India where the product is made. How amazing is that?  Oh, and how could you not love a product with such wonderful Ambassadors as Michelle Vogiatzis (@VogiYogi) and David Good (@DavidGoodYoga)!

Benefits of myInsens scents include: soothing the nerves, promoting balance in the body and mind, calming stress, and bringing about spiritual wellness. Personally, I’ve experienced calming wellness and clearness of the mind while using myInsens during yoga or relaxing with a book.

Now, here’s the exciting part – myInsens is giving away one box of incense to one lucky reader here!  Their products come in lovely velvet boxes with a beautifully crafted holder and there are 6 amazing scents – myZen, myJoy, mySerenity, mySpark, myMantra, and mySensuality. They even have a fun little quiz on their website to help you pick your scent, which is surprisingly accurate!  ॐ

To enter – tell us in the comments which scent you would like best.  You can also share this tweet for an extra entry:

I want to win rejuvenating incense with @YogiCrystal and @myInsens to balance mind and body! 

** Contest closes 11:59 pm EST on December 31, 2012 – open to American and Canadian residents, Good luck! **


12 thoughts on “Cleansing for the new year… myInsens Giveaway!

  1. I took the quiz and I got myJoy. I’d love to try that one! Funny story about inscense…I always wanted some when I was younger but my mom would never buy me them in fear of me burning down the house. She also wouldn’t let me have candles. So I would love to WIN my first insense set from MyInsens!! 🙂 I’m tweeting too!

  2. I took the quiz and got myJoy so i would love to try that! But I’d also love to try myMantra 🙂
    thanks for the great giveaway! would love to win!

    rlahardison at gmail dot com

  3. took the test and got myJoy!
    I always loved the smell of incense wafting in the air when walking through the markets in SE Asia but never ended up buying any to try… here’s my chance!

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