Yoga pep talk…

I’ve been doing yoga for almost 5 years. Yep, it’ll be 5 years this January. And you know what?  I still beat myself up when I can’t get a pose right, or when my balance is off, or even when I fall over.  I laugh at myself a little more now when I fall over, but I still get a little angry when I don’t get the pose quite right.

Like today… I was just minding my own busines, attending a lovely Vinyasa class, and I had absolutely no balance. My Warrior 3 was strained and well, even Revolved Triangle threw me off a little.  Where in the world did my balance go today?  Because it certainly didn’t join me for yoga.

I know, I know… there’s no ego in yoga.  And I’m not even comparing myself to others.  I’m comparing myself to… well, to myself on better days.  Why is that?!  I know better.  Our bodies act differently on each day and some things just aren’t always in sync.  But I would like them to be!

This is why it’s called a practice friends.  But you’re not practicing to make perfect, you’re practicing to just be.  Just be you.  Be you on whatever day it is and enjoy the moment, even if your Tree Pose is a little wobbly.  Breathe and be in the class, tune into the teacher’s voice, and pretty much just do your best.  Because that’s all you can do.

This is the pep talk I’m having with myself today.  Tomorrow’s balance poses might be better or worse, but I’m reminding myself to enjoy the process and just be.  ॐ

What pep talk are you giving yourself today about perceived limitations?



2 thoughts on “Yoga pep talk…

  1. Awesome article Crystal! I love pep-talks and self-affirmations. I use it for any part of my life where constant growth exist and is limitless. I like how you took a negative experience of a poor practice, looked at things objectively, and reminded yourself that Yoga is your lifestyle choice and you’re in it for a lifetime! Whenever I have a sluggish day in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, I always remind myself a familiar saying in our community: “a black belt is a white belt that never gives up”.

    All the best in your future practices!


    • Thank you Angelo! That’s amazing and your comment is also inspiring. All we can do is try our best and keep going… While minimizing that negative self talk that gets us down.

      All the best to you as well 🙂

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