Eggs and Kale Breakfast Bowl

Happy Thanksgiving Canadian readers!

Yep, it’s that time of year again when we’re asking everyone what they’re thankful or grateful for (and enjoying big meals!).  It’s very nice to share these feelings now, especially when surrounded by friends and family, but it’s also important to think about being grateful all year round.  It’s a wonderful practice to remind ourselves what we’re grateful for, or even keep a journal, especially during tough times.  That way we can try to focus on the positive aspects of life when the going gets a little rough.  I’ve kept a gratefulness journal and let me tell you, no idea is too big or too small because we know that even the little things in life can keep us going.  This weekend I’m thankful for friends, great company, and the delicious turkey dinner that I will be preparing.

That’s right, the detox is over and I can have my fill of turkey dinner!

But as I reflect, being on a detox gave me the opportunity to change up how I eat and think of new ways to enjoy some of my favourite meals.    Since I wasn’t allowed starches, I had to figure out a different way to eat my classic eggs on (gluten free) toast – a staple for breakfast or lunch.  I’ve been obsessed with kale for awhile, so here’s a new fave of mine that I think you should definitely give a try!


Organic Eggs


Tomato slices

Goat’s Feta

Extra virgin olive oil, Salt, Pepper, Basil to taste

Wash off a couple leaves of kale (as much as you like) and either chop or tear up into smaller pieces.  Toss the kale pieces in a frying pan that has 1 – 2 tbsps of extra virgin olive oil in it, add basil to taste.  Cook on low to medium heat until desired ‘crunchiness’ (I like mine a bit more crunchy).  Put kale aside.  Crack desired amount of eggs into frying pan and add salt & pepper to taste, cook to desired yoke consistency.  Once eggs are almost done, toss some sliced tomato into the pan to warm them up.

Place the cooked kale in the bottom of the bowl and add crumbled goat’s feta on top.  Add sliced tomato and then the fried eggs on the very top.  Eat and enjoy!  ॐ

(If you’re currently not eating eggs with the yoke, scrambled egg whites would work well too)

What are you thankful/grateful for this weekend?



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