Yogi’s on a detox…

Live in rooms full of light

Avoid heavy food

Be moderate in the drinking of wine

Take massage, baths, exercise, and gymnastics

Fight insomnia with gentle rocking or the sound of running water

Change surroundings and take long journeys

Strictly avoid frightening ideas

Indulge in cheerful conversations and amusements

Listen to music.

Aulus Cornelius Celsus (pg. 129 Hormone Diet book)

Yep, I’m on a detox and it’s currently day 9. I’ve already made it over a week!  A whole 8.5 days… But not without issues.

Because of some health concerns I’ve mentioned previously, I decided to visit a new Naturopath and start the Hormone Diet detox in an effort to find some answers.  I was given my guidelines, some recipes, and a number of supplements to carry me through the program.  I was hesitant before starting and I’m still not all that excited about this detox.  You see, I don’t like restricting food.  I like to eat what I want within reason.  Remember, I am gluten and lactose intolerant, so my diet isn’t exactly over-indulgent.  I eat pretty clean all year round except for a few holidays and treat days (the poutine is a weakness haha), hence the frustration with this in the first place.  I know, I know, this is good for my health… but I really miss my gluten free flax crackers and decaf coffee.  Funny things to miss, right? ; )

Here are some observations I’ve made along these past 8.5 days:

~ Even if you eat pretty clean, you will still have mood swings while detoxing

~ Watching the Food Network or going on Pinterest during your detox is a a bad, bad idea

~ Going for runs during the first few days probably isn’t the best idea due to changes in energy and mood

~ Doing a detox while searching for employment in a new city adds to challenges

~ Sitting in a coffee shop with your tea when you really want a decaf coffee isn’t the greatest idea, the smell gets to you

~ You almost really can’t go out to eat anywhere

I know I’m making it sound all bad right now, but I know there are benefits to detoxing as well:

~ Cleaning up that liver, giving it a little break

~ Cleanse the system, improved digestion

~ Increased energy and concentration

~ Natural weight loss due to avoiding sugary, fatty foods

~ Clearer skin and more…

Now, here’s the funny part – I haven’t really noticed many of these benefits yet.  I’ve noticed improved digestion, but that is about it.  Energy at the beginning of the detox was low, but now has levelled out.  Skin the same and no weight loss at all.  Like, c’mon!  I really wanted to reap some benefits for doing this detox for 2 weeks, but so far nothing too drastic.  I partially attribute this to the fact that my diet is already pretty clean – all I’ve really taken out are starches (brown rice, gluten free pasta, yams), wine, and decaf coffee.  Either way, I am keeping positive and finishing the program – 4.5 more days!  At the end I am supposed to re-introduce one inflammatory food back per day to see how I react.  I might try this with a few things, but I am already aware of the gluten and dairy issues so I will just continue keeping those out of my diet.  One thing I will be having at the end is a good night at a sushi restaurant, damn I miss those little rolls.

This has been an interesting experience in meal planning and I’ve learned new smoothie recipes, so it’s not all bad. One of my favourite smoothie recipes for fall is this one on the Lululemon Community Blog, so so  good.  I just have to remind myself to not look for the external changes and realize that the internal benefits from this detox are most important.  My body has needed a break in general from stress and that can include food stress as well.  Here’s hoping this helps and gives me a clean slate to start with as my health concerns are being investigated.  It’s time to get better from here!  ~ I am happy and healthy ~ ॐ

Have you detoxed before?  What are your tips?


5 thoughts on “Yogi’s on a detox…

  1. darling..
    1) stay away from pinterest.. because i know my pins alone are tempting and taunting to you… B) i miss my normal summer “cleanse”. I usually eat way less during summer, opting for fresh juice instead (mostly because it’s too hot to eat) and given that i am constantly craving breads and sweets right now (9 months preggo, these foods make me feel full, even though they don’t make me feel nutritionally happy), i can’t wait to do a little detox once babers arrives! And iii) i’m SOOO having sushi too 🙂

    huge hugs and this definitely the right start to getting healthy and making BIG changes! xoxo

  2. i love the pinterest part. so very true. when i was training for my last marathon i was on a pretty strict diet so i avoided that site, and anything food related the entire time.

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