Handling Change Gracefully… A guest post!

The theme of my life this past month has been change, and lots of it. Both unexpected (and not exactly desirable) change and carefully thought out change.  One of these changes has me extremely busy, and somewhat overwhelmed, so I decided to suck up my ego and ask a good friend Thais G if she would bless my blog with my very first guest post.  I also chose her because she’s been going through some crazy changes as well, so I knew she would be able to articulate this topic in a graceful and positive manner.  I’ll say that I felt like she wrote it to me directly, so possibly it will speak to you and be an aid for any transitons you are experiencing.  ॐ

Handling Change Gracefully

Change isn’t easy. Transitions are definitely not easy. Something about all that instability gets our anxiety rearing it’s head and our hearts scared for its life. And yet, without change, our life would be stagnant and frankly a little boring. Without taking risks, we would not know what we are capable of. We would wilt in our own boredom and pretend to be satisfied while secretly wishing for a big life event.

The past four months I have moved four times, changed jobs twice, started a new relationship and eventually “settled” in a new state where I have only a few friends, no community, and a withering yoga practice. Talk about change!

There have been times where I panicked and spent the day in bed freaking out about my future. Grace has not always been the word to describe my transition, especially when I still see no end in sight. You see, when we are in the middle of the waves of life we forget that we are part of the ocean. We forget that riding the waves is part of living but in order to find peace in the midst of it we must remember that we are MORE than the waves.

My boyfriend constantly reminds me that my light is stronger than my current life circumstances. And so is YOURS! Fear and doubt are often pretty loud voices wishing to keep us small and protected. But I promise you, you can handle whatever life throws your way. If you are in the middle of crazy shifts, it means the Universe wants something more from you. It’s done with you playing small. And now it’s time for you to rise up to your potential.

In order to find grace in the middle of uncertainty, we must remember that we have a choice at every moment. We can choose to take things personally, play the victim, and exude negativity and hopelessness. OR we can choose to view circumstances as life lessons, filled with empowerment and a willingness to surrender to what you are meant to do right now. You are bigger than any one thing. Rise above the fear my dear friend, go after your dreams, and do not look back.

~ Thais G. is a health coach, yoga teacher, wellness writer, and beautiful soul who also loves chocolate. She helps others see the best in themselves and is positively inspiring.  Check out her blog and follow her on twitter at @innerlightTG


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