Imagine turning your life around and focusing on a healthy diet and exercise after drifting a few months into semi-bad eating and lack of activity. Imagine doing this for three years, eating an extremely clean diet (except for a treat here and there) while working out and doing yoga on a regular basis. Now imagine finding out that your health isn’t as awesome as it could be, that you have complications.

I’m sorry, what?

Wasn’t I doing everything right?

You mean I could have had more poutine?

Finding out bad news about your health after you’ve thought you were doing everything right is relatively devastating. What could have been done differently? Is this because of the occasional treat? No one can really know the actual cause, which is frustrating in itself.

All the healthy eating, intense exercise, and even yoga didn’t save me from burnout.  They didn’t save me from realizing the underlying stress that was eating away at my body, burning out my adrenals, and affecting other areas of my health.  Or, I just wasn’t paying attention.  I was trying to achieve and work hard, I was trying to manage my life in a stressful job, I was trying to tell people that I was ok.  Turns out I was fooling them… and myself.

Why did I try so hard to ignore the signals until it was too late?  Did I think I was invincible?  Truth be told, I said many times that I’ve been through more stressful situations and I was fine through those.  I was trying to convince myself that I was ok, when really, I wasn’t.

Stress is a silent killer that creeps up on us without us really realizing it.  We think we had a bad day, things will be fine… but, what happens when those bad days turn into weeks, months?  It builds up in our system and starts attacking us from the inside.  We don’t really notice it… we may think we’re just fatigued, so what do we do?  More caffeine, more sugary treats, more more more.  Until… BAM… the visit to the doc tells us we are not alright.  And then you visit the Naturopath and the prognosis is similar, if not worse.  Well, hello brain!  I’m listening now… was I 2 – 3 weeks ago?  Probably not.  I was still in denial or avoidance… but not now.

I’ve got a long road ahead of me.  Lots to learn, still lots to find out.  Then, the road to health will begin.  It has to for my sake.  Stress is hard to avoid, but we have to do our best to learn how to deal with it better.  Now, more than ever, I have to put this into action.

There’s a reason lululemon’s manifesto states: Stress is related to 99% of all illness.  So, take a moment and think about this in your life.  If you’re even feeling a little bit stressed on the surface, who knows what could be going on inside your body.  Become aware, visit your doctor or Naturopath… please, look after yourself.  Now is the time.  ॐ


5 thoughts on “Imagine…

  1. I too had a WTF moment at the doctor’s a year ago…despite truly feeling like I was taking care of my body. Many naturopathic treatments later, my body is beginning to heal itself, but like you I took it as an amazing wake up call from the universe that I simply could not operate at such high stress levels (nor do I want to any longer).

    I have faith that you too will heal, and I’m sending you so much love and good juju in the meantime!

    • Thank you so much! I need all those good juju vibes right now. It’s amazing how it takes a wake up call to really get us thinking about our health. Wishing I had realized sooner, but glad I know now and can start working on it. 🙂

  2. how long has you been teaching? i’m so happy i stumbled upon your blog, seriously!

    i’ve been a trainer for three years now, and i incorporate yogi moves in almost every single one of my circuit training workouts for my group. who did you get certified through?

    i did ISSA a few years ago and then went ahead and did NASM, and have continued to get more and more certs along the way. unfortunately (but fortunately at the same time) i majored in English but i will be going back for my masters in sports science when i move to chicago. can’t wait. 🙂

    • I did my training in 2009 and taught for a little while, currently not teaching in my new city. Thank you for finding my blog, glad you like it!! 🙂 Completed my training with a small yoga school in British Columbia, it was a fun and eye opening experience.
      It’s nice to hear about people incorporating yoga moves into training, they can be so great for strength building and focus.
      Sports science, that’s awesome!! I can imagine that will be a great program, and living in Chicago would be amazing too. Love that city!

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