Change, vacation, and smiles…

At the beginning of May I wrote a post about trying not to be too busy to live life, which can serve as a great reminder for anyone out there (including myself).  But now, a month later, I am feeling bad for being too busy to update this blog.  How dare I?!  I haven’t forgot about you readers, but there’s been some changes going on in my life, along with a little vacation break mixed up in there as well.

In regards to the change, it’s definitely something I worked hard for and am happy to be starting this new journey in my life. Heading into this venture with a positive mind, ready to take on new learnings and challenges along the way!  It’s an exciting time and I love going into this with a positive outlook and a smiling face.

I was recently reading the book A Return To Love by Marianne Williamson where she talks about how important it is to go into new situations with a positive and/or new outlook.  If you’ve been going into past situations and they haven’t worked out, well it’s time to go into a new opportunity with a totally different outlook that could serve you better.  Try not to let perceived thoughts of failure get into your mind on your new venture, or you will just end up repeating the same behaviour.  I don’t know about you, but that sounds less than ideal.  As a result, it’s important to aim for positivity and a new frame of mind now so that your thoughts can affect actions and results in a better way.

Along with all this change excitement, I also took a little break to visit Toronto for a week to enjoy the summer-like weather on that side of the country.  That week was filled with delicious wines while touring in Niagara, tasty eats all over the city, Blue Jays baseball, and good times spent with friends.  Nothing like a little break to get away and recharge – especially when I am doing it all over again in a week and a half!  Looking forward to that summer weather out there again… flip-flops and shorts, oh yeah!

Overall, it’s going to be a fun couple of weeks ahead here, which is nice with summer coming.  Bring me sunshine and outdoors time!  Do you have any exciting plans coming up for the summer?  How do you approach change in career, opportunities, or daily activities?  ॐ

Blue Jays, CN Tower, Mill Street, Wine : )

(starting to think I need to add a little list of the wineries I’ve visited… ya know, just so I can talk more about wine in this blog ; ) )


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