Liebster Award…

Lake Minniwanka frozen and snowed over

Recently I wrote a post about how I have to get back to the basics in life and re-discover my passions in this crazy world. It’s really important for me during this crazy time of getting lost and losing focus on my priorities. Without going too deep into details, let’s just say that I haven’t been myself lately and I need to get back to being Yogi Crystal.

One way I like to relax and free my mind is to get out in nature. The city I live in is very close to the mountains and I’ll be honest, I don’t get to visit them as much as I would like. I got to make a trip out to the mountains for the first time in winter over a week ago and oh boy what a sight! So beautiful that it just takes your breath away. It felt nice to be out in nature, even if it was still snowing a little, to just see the beauty and hear the silence of the surroundings. It feels like you’re in another world out there, even the tourists seem calmed by the glorious mountain air.

It really is these little things in life that you have to appreciate – I’m learning this more and more from friends and readings. If we don’t spend time appreciating the small things then we will never feel grateful for what we do have right in front of us right now in this moment.

I tell you this today, because not too long ago my beautiful friend Thais wrote a fantastic post revealing her list of five blogs for the Leibster Award, which included my little bloggy here! It was very sweet of her and I feel very honoured to be mentioned on her blog. I really appreciate this small gesture and her compliments because I always enjoy reading her amazing posts – she really is wise for her young age.

The word Liebster means favourite or beloved, so as part of this award I am supposed to mention five blogs that really touch my heart (with under 200 followers) and thank the individual that awarded it to me.  I really like this idea because it has made me think about which blogs really bring a smile to my face or make me think and it also causes sharing and spreading the love around in the blogging world – and we could all use a little more sharing.

Took a lot of thought, but here are the five I selected (in no particular order my lovelies):

Yoga Betty – her fiery spirit and general love of life keeps me smiling with every post.  I also love her short yoga videos for quick practices at home.

The Curious World of L – beautiful short and sweet posts that are positive and come straight from her heart.

YogaLifeWay – she has to have more than 200 followers, but I just love her fun posts, honest writing, and fun pics.

YIOM – yes, I might be biased here because I am part of this great community of bloggers, but it also has a great blog written by my lovely friends Thais and Lorin, plus guest bloggers every month (including myself in January!).  Check it out, maybe even your blog could become part of this awesome community of yogis.

On An Inhale – great posts about her life, yoga, and nutrition – just the things that I love and hope to incorporate in my life soon!

Lake Louise, snowy but beautiful

It was difficult to pick just five blogs that I love as there are so many that I follow and love to read almost every day.  It’s nice to know that there is such a great community of bloggers out there in yoga, nutrition, and yes wine (I know, I know ;)).  I hope you have a chance to check these blogs out and grow to love them as I have.  Happy reading!  ॐ


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