Reflecting on Power of Movement…

Last week I had the distinct pleasure to take part in another awesome Power of Movement event in Calgary. Some of you may not be aware that I joined this fundraiser last year by raising a few dollars, volunteering a little bit of my time, and participating on event day. This year I took on a few more duties to help out the fantastic Kim McNeil by becoming a POM ambassador, volunteering my time, blogging and tweeting, and raising funds for this great cause. Let me just say it was an awesome experience and I am already looking forward to next year!

If you’re wondering, Power of Movement is a national yoga fundraiser to raise awareness and funds for arthritis and autoimmune disease research. I got involved after meeting Kim McNeil and learning of her passion for this cause and also because I acknowledge that we all know someone who has arthritis in some form. This cause also felt close to home due to the fact that I deal with chronic pain everyday and use yoga to help manage pain and stiffness without medications. Not that I believe chronic pain and arthritis are the same thing, but there can be similar limitations and a need to try and manage without prescriptions (unless completely necessary).

This year’s event was really fun and a great success with increased numbers, which means were are reaching out more and more to those in this city about both yoga and arthritis awareness. We had great guests with us – Yelp Calgary, two Calgary Stampeders players, three Outrider gals, Omega Massage & Wellness, Spa Lady and more! The atmosphere was one of community and fun and you really can’t ask for more on a Sunday morning. I got to participate in the yoga class with a couple of friends, who were very nice to listen to my rambling that morning, and in the end, we all felt good for a job well done. That’s what it’s all about isn’t it? We feel good raising funds and getting the word out there, but that feeling of community and doing good with your friends is amazing – I guess it’s why we keep doing it!

For this gal, it feels pretty special to be involved with a cause that incorporates my love of yoga. I ‘preach’ yoga to someone almost everyday and tell them how it has helped me deal with my chronic pain. I love that feeling of sharing yoga with anyone, but especially those that can really benefit from pain relief as a result of an injury or ailment. I haven’t seen the clip, but I was interviewed for a local TV channel at the event and I can tell you that the reporter asked some intense questions. I felt challenged, but I also felt that it was my opportunity to be honest and share why I started yoga with whoever may end up watching the clip. Hopefully with that small clip I can reach out to just one person to finally give yoga a try. I guess sometimes that is my aim with this blog…. if I can help or reach out to someone, than my job is being done.

Attached are some great pics taken by the awesome POM photographer, David Blaine of Voyager Photography. He really captured the event well (check him out if you’re in Calgary!), lots of beautiful shots of everyone enjoying their yoga practice. Thank you again to everyone that took part and big thanks to Kim McNeil for giving me the opportunity to be part of something awesome!  ॐ

You can check out more of his photos from the event on the Power Of Movement Facebook page in the albums under ‘Calgary’.  

Do you volunteer for a cause that makes you feel great while helping others?


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