February Yogalicious Pose of the Month…

Yes darlings, it’s your next instalment of the Yogalicious Pose of the Month!  If you missed last month’s post check it out here, it’s one of my fave poses.

This month is a another restorative based pose that I just love to do after a long day at work, perfect for winding down and releasing stress – also a great pose for pranayama (breathing exercises).  So, check it out and get yourself into this pose right away – you won’t regret it!

Supta Baddha Konasana (Reclining Bound-angle Pose)

Cautions for the pose:

  • if you have knee or groin strain/injury use a block (or rolled up blankets) under each knee/thigh
  • if you are experiencing lower back pain
  • if you have another condition or injury that you are worried about, definitely check with your local yoga teacher to see if you should proceed

Ready to relax and feel great?  Grab your props – bolster, two blocks, blanket, and strap – and let’s go.  Place a folded blanket on the bolster at one end, this will be for a head rest, and have a block on each side of you for your knees (if you need them). Sit in front of the short end of your bolster, knees bent. Have your strapped looped around you, ready to adjust the length when necessary.  Allow your knees to fall to the sides with the soles of your feet touching (use the blocks under knees if you feel strain

or are injured), pull your feet as close to your groin as feels comfortable.  With the strap placed around your lower back (sacrum area) and over your thighs, wrap the strap under your feet and tighten to a comfortable strength.

Sitting up straight, chest lifted, slowly relax down on to the bolster and adjust your blanket head rest if needed.  Your spine should be lined up with the centre of the bolster.  Allow your arms to sink into the ground beneath you at your sides with your palms facing up – letting your shoulders relax back and down, chest open.  Let the tension release from your ankles, knees, shoulders, pelvic area.  You may wish to start in the pose for only a minute or two, building up to 10 minutes when you feel comfortable.

This is also a great pose for practicing pranayama (breathing exercises).  I also just love to lay in this pose and breathe naturally, almost like a mediation for relaxation.  If you are experienced, or with the guidance of a teacher, you can perform Ujjayi Pranayama in this pose after a few reclining poses to open your chest and abdomen.


  • very relaxing, helps to relieve stress and mild anxiety
  • can calm the mind, helps you centre
  • aids digestion, improves circulation, and regulates blood pressure
  • opens the chest (which I love!) and can help to ease lower back pain
  • relieves varicose veins
  • aids kidney and urinary tract health
  • good pose for reproductive health, alleviates menstrual pain

Benefits I experience in or after this pose:

  • instant relaxation – as soon as I sink into this pose the outside world seems to go away
  • the chest opening feels freeing, open heart to the world for a short period of time
  • great stretch for the inner thighs/hips
  • relaxing and opening the shoulders is very nice considering how tense the shoulders can be all day
  • great pose for when I’m feeling stressed or a little anxious, can calm me when I need it most

Of course, you may experience even more benefits from this pose, every person’s situation is different.  Be sure to ask your local teacher if you have any specific questions about this pose and then get ready to relax and feel “yogalicious“.  ॐ

Have you tried this pose before?  Let me know any benefits you experience in the comments!


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