Questions we should be asking…

Questions.  We’re always asking them.  We ask friends, family, coworkers, and even ourselves TONS of questions.  Are we asking the right ones?  Are we spending our time thinking about the right answers, instead of dwelling on the past or perceived mistakes?  Probably not always.

It’s in our nature to occasionally dwell on the past, sometimes a little too much.  It’s possible that we put a negative spin on life events, instead of looking at them as learning opportunities (myself included).  That’s why I was really interested in this recent blog post by Tia Sparkles about the 11 questions we should be asking.  She based this post from the new book by Jayson Krause, where he compiled the answers from this year long project of asking 52 people the same 10 questions after he lost a dear friend to cancer.

I had retweeted a message from Tia about her blog post and right away people responded asking me if I was going to answer the questions.  My first thought was that it might be too personal, but hey, isn’t that what a blog is for?

1. What is your dream job?

Probably the most difficult question for me to answer right now.  At this point, I know more about what I don’t want in a job than what I do.  As a child I wanted to be a singer or a teacher and as a teenager, a marine biologist.  Not seeing the clear link between these right now and I’m not to sure when I lost these dreams.  Part of my current difficulty is that I don’t know what my dream job is.

I know that I want to help people, I want to feel passionate and connected to the work I am doing.  I want to be creative and have flexibility – I don’t want to feel like I’m trapped in a cage.  I like feeling engaged and connected with people, getting out there and just being me.  I love focusing on health and yoga, while also getting a chance to write and reach out.

2. What fulfills you?

Great conversations, lots of laughs, connecting and sharing with others… possibly over a great glass of wine.  Dancing like no one is watching.  Being appreciated.  Soaking up the sun, reading a great book – learning!  Travel, food, and exhilarating yoga classes!

3. What’s your greatest fear?

Having regrets at the end of my life… and even throughout my life.

Not accomplishing anything I’ve set out to do.  Feeling like I never contributed anything to the world or someone.

4. What do you want more of in life?

Happy days, less sadness. Feeling like I belong, a sense of community. Freedom, experiences, travel. Laughs… delicious foods and wine!

5. What is your greatest accomplishment?

I always used to say that my university degree was my greatest accomplishment (and in a way, it is), but that’s just an interview answer…

Being here.

Somehow still managing to fight through the days and have the energy to keep going.

6. What are you most ashamed of?

Beating myself up all the time for perceived mistakes I’ve made.

7. What makes you sad?

Lots of things make me sad at this point in my life.  These are tough times all around the world.  Feeling hopeless and useless makes me sad.  Families falling apart over petty things just breaks my heart.

8. What’s the hardest thing you’ve ever experienced?

Periods of my childhood were a struggle, taking care of myself at a young age and getting where I am today.

Seeing the experience of the loss of 2 uncles in my grandparents eyes.  Not even time can heal that wound.

9. What is great about you?

My sense of humour and love of laughing.  I’m hard working and have a strong desire to constantly be learning.

Independent.  Compassionate, empathetic, and open-minded.  I’m always honest, have integrity, and tell it like it is.

10. Who are you?

The real me is a fun, humorous, silly soul.  I am passionate, dedicated, and hard-working for the right cause.

Wacky, crazy, free-spirited, and easy going.  Yoga and wine lover, a foodie.

A pessimist who gets sad or angry sometimes… I’m a work in progress, doing the best I can.

11. (Tia’s question): What inspires you?

Passionate, knowledgeable, and encouraging individuals.  People who also like to be challenged and learn, those who are always striving.  Those who helps others and are caring without judgement.

My friends. My grandparents.  People who have a real story and have worked through hardships and challenges in life.

Nature… the ocean, the mountains, beautiful old trees.  Soul-filled music.  The love from others.  ॐ

Thank you to Jayson for these difficult, yet inspiring questions.  Thank you to Tia as well for sharing her answers (and as a result, getting me to think about mine).

These questions opened up my mind a bit readers, you should consider answering them for yourself as well.  Answer a few in the comments if you feel like sharing.

11 thoughts on “Questions we should be asking…

  1. It’s good to get to know a bit more about the person behind all the beautiful words I’ve been enjoying. I may answer these questions on my own blog. Even though I’m fearless in my own writing, I never know what to write about myself (as opposed to my Self, that I can write about easily)

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