The positive side of 2011…

Flames / Red Wings, woo!

Since my 2011 review seemed to focus a little too much on the negative, I wanted to write a follow-up post about the past year mentioning more positive occurances that helped me get through the tough times.  This blog isn’t all about the sad times and what gets us down, so I have to balance it out with a little happiness to remind everyone (including myself) that life isn’t all bad – we have to appreciate even the little things to keep ourselves in a positive mindset.

I mentioned in the last post that 2011 certainly had it’s up and downs, so I wanted to share here the ups that kept me going throughout the year and that I will always cherish in my heart.

– Got to experience great seats at an NHL game in Calgary that featured my top teams (for a gal that grew up in a city with no NHL team, this was kind of a big deal – I was like a kid at the beer gardens lol)

– Attended the 2011 NHL Winter Classic outdoor hockey game in Calgary, so cold but so much fun!

– Visited Toronto twice and my hometown, Halifax, twice – had a lot of fun each time I went (and currently miss the people in both cities everyday!)

– Had my first experience of overwhelming emotion and tears in yoga (people still tell me this is a good thing)

– Ran my second 5 km race, but this time for fun after realizing that running just isn’t my thing

– Visited Banff and Canmore numerous times because I love getting out to the mountains!

– First time to Sylvan Lake (there’s a lake in Alberta!) and Drumheller this summer (you don’t always have to leave your province to see the sights)

– Visited Kelowna, British Columbia this summer and the Niagara area in Ontario twice for a total of 16 wineries visited (can’t wait to visit more in 2012!) I even “Tebowed” in a winery, now that’s awesome!

– Biked from Canmore to Banff and back – about 50 km, what a great day!

– Finally saw my favourite band from my teens live in concert – 18 years but I finally saw Soundgarden and it was awesome!

– Saw two hilarious comedians live – Jerry Seinfeld and Russell Brand, nothing like an evening of laughing to cheer you up

Who just Tebowed at a winery?

– Was part of a great fundraising event for the town of Slave Lake (YYC4SlaveLake) and volunteered at other great events for good causes (Power of Movement Calgary, AIDS Walk for Life, and Holipalooza)

– Got a new job and have stayed with my part-time yoga studio job for another year

– Went to my first ever NFL arena game in Buffalo (my team) and it was awesome!!

– Spent an evening at Midevil Times in Toronto, which was super fun (something I’d wanted to do for quite some time)

Took part in an online e-course started by Tia Sparkles, despite some nerves about it and learned some new things about myself

– Attended a few games at the World Junior Hockey Championship in Calgary, one being an extremely exciting match up between Russia & Sweden (what an intense game!)

– Tried new wines and got more daring with sushi (still can’t eat octopus though! haha)

– Met tons of new people, some of which have become friends and people I really enjoy spending time with (that’s what happens when you get out there and volunteer and attempt to be less shy!)

Even after all that, I am sure there might be a few good things/events that I am missing but you get the point.  We all have our own struggles at any given time, but the important part is trying to keep some perspective and take some value in the small things.  I usually need to remind myself of this everyday, but like I said, I’m a work in progress and that’s ok… most of us are. : )

Frozen face @ the Heritage Classic

Looking forward into 2012, I am hoping for more positive experiences and definitely some good change.  I can’t control everything that happens, but I am focusing on positive change in work and personal growth.  Taking small steps is my motto right now, because the big leaping changes are sometimes just too much for me.  I’m going to take some small courses, instead of jumping into a huge school program that I might not be ready for.  I am thinking about smaller travel destinations for 2012, because I can acknowledge that a major trip will not be in the books for this year (but look out 2013!!).  Also, I will be looking at small aspects that will help my working life change a little for the better.  This doesn’t mean that I might keep out any big changes if they come along, but consciously I will be looking at the smaller steps for myself to reduce chances of anxiety and being overwhelmed.  So readers, here’s hoping for a great 2012 for all us – no matter if you’re taking small steps with me this year or making that big jump you’ve always wanted.  Let’s rock this year!  ॐ

What fun things did you do in 2011?  Any big or small changes for 2012?


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