2011… the year reviewed…

(Note: this post was scheduled for New Year’s Eve, but due to some technical and timing difficulties it had to be delayed.)

Light snowfall before Christmas in Halifax

Ahhh 2011…

I had such high hopes for you on this same day in 2010… and well, you didn’t exactly deliver.  2010 was a tough year with let-downs and major changes, so I thought you – 2011 – would be better… I damn well hoped you would be more positive.  Now, don’t get me wrong, 2011 wasn’t the worst year I’ve had… not by a long shot.  But, it sure wasn’t the best.  It didn’t exactly start off in the best way, but as I reflect, the end of the year hasn’t been too bad actually.

In retrospect, I might have went into 2011 with high hopes, possibly a little too high on the expectations.  And do you know what happens when you do that?  You feel dejected when things don’t come to fruition, even though you shouldn’t.  Not sure why people do this, but I know I’m not the only one.  I’ve definitely been learning over time that we shouldn’t put such pressure on ourselves or feel like failures if we don’t achieve a goal in one certain year.  So, at a time of the year when people are making resolutions, and possibly putting high expectations on themselves, I am just looking forward to small plans/changes for 2012.  I’m not making unrealistic goals, just a small list of things I’d like to do by the end of 2012 – mostly for personal development.  For example, I’m not saying that I am hitting the gym 5 times a week to lose weight or something… but I am saying that I’m going to go to yoga more often to build strength and feel better all around.  Small steps like this are more easily attainable, helping us to not feel dejected when we don’t achieve what we thought we would by a certain time.  We are a society of setting high goals or timelines on ourselves needlessly, when we should just try to enjoy life and be the best person we can be (for ourselves) everyday.  Now, I’m not saying that you shouldn’t have goals, but be realistic with them and don’t put unnecessary pressure on yourself – we have enough people around us trying to do this to us everyday.

Calgary skyline before New Years

So, without rambling on too much I’ll just say that 2011 had a very slow start for me.  The first few months of the year were very difficult as I was battling some loneliness, trying to figure out career options, and feeling a little more homesick than usual.  It actually took quite a kick in the butt from close friends to start getting myself back on track in May.  But, with the help of close friends, and awesome new friendships made, I was able to get out of that funk and get myself out there again… meet people and volunteer, such a great way to spend my time.  I look back at the start of the year and I know it sucked, it was less than awesome, but the turn around was good and I am glad to be ending the year on a happier note.  I didn’t achieve everything I had hoped for 2011, but that is ok and I’m not going to look down on myself for that.  Now it’s time to look ahead and know that 2012 may have some ups and downs, but I’m going to try my best to be good and true to myself and be the best person I can be… that’s all a gal can do right? 🙂  Happy New Year readers, all the best to you and your families in 2012!  Let’s have a rockin’ year together!  ॐ


4 thoughts on “2011… the year reviewed…

  1. So much here I can relate too as always. I’m deferring my New Years a couple weeks. And I’ve been talking with Kim & looking forward to working with her on POMYYC & get my act together too. I need someone to answer to, I’m famous for making promises to me I don’t keep. 🙂

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