Sparkling reflection…

From Tia - this is on my fridge

Almost a month ago, I started a 21-day online mini self-help style course facilitated by Tia Sparkles of Your Life Your Way through email and a private Facebook group.  I actually signed up on the last night because I mulled it over for about 3 weeks and finally said “screw it, I’m going to do it! What’s the worst that could happen?”  At that point, I pretty much thought that if I didn’t sign up, it would probably get to me and I’d regret not joining.  I’ve done that before, so to break one old pattern was nice.

Each day we were emailed a prompt to reflect on and given the option to do this privately or semi-publicly in a private Facebook group Tia had set up.  Each day I was excited to receive Tia’s email and to see what tough reflections she had in store for us each day.  I will tell you that some of the prompts were easy – comfortable to answer or thoughts came right away, but other prompts took hours or even days to complete.  I won’t give away too much, as she is going to be running this e-course again, but I can tell you that the challenge was both interesting and intimidating depending on the day.  Delving deep into our minds to figure out why or what is holding us back is difficult, but then also choosing to share among a number of strangers can be a challenge as well.  The first day or two I felt like this, but then as I am in life, I pretty much opened up and blabbed on and on with the Facebook group… would you expect anything different? ; )

The most interesting part of the course was the number of people willing to share openly and deeply about some of the most private happenings in their lives.  I blame Tia for having this awesome ability to get you to share, but also I believe everyone felt comfortable with the group around them and figured we were all on a level playing field in this environment.  It was really nice to be able to comment and provide feedback to those in need, while receiving the same in return.  I know I really appreciated the feedback I got, some of it really helped to open my eyes or assisted me with finishing a prompt.

In the end, I still haven’t finished the last few prompts – I know I know, terrible of me – but I plan on finishing them up this weekend.  Life, work, and the upcoming holiday bustle got in the way, which I know isn’t a great excuse but a reality for me right now.  The best part about this whole course might be that the emails are there, they are saved, so I can go back and re-do these prompts when I need (or want) to.  If I’m feeling particularly low (which happens sometimes), I can go over these emails again and get that boost that comes from working these things out and reading Tia’s positive comments.  It might even be interesting to see how responses change over time or depending on the time of year… you never know what can happen!  So, I am definitely happy that I chose to take part in this e-course… I don’t feel I have changed much from it, but I have learned a few things about myself which is certainly a step in the right direction.  I encourage you to check out her website or consider joining the next course if you’re feeling a little lost or out of sorts (or even if you’re not, it’s still fun!).  I believe you will get some value from being challenged and reflecting on what’s happening in your life… and, to me, that’s a damn good thing.  Thanks so much Tia! : )  ॐ


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