Being thankful…

The key to a happy family get together ; )

Sometimes holiday long weekends suck.

I know what you’re thinking… is she crazy?  Hear me out.

Currently I live in a city on my own, away from my closest friends (also know as besties to some) and my family.  And, since it’s the Thanksgiving long weekend, I am also away from a delicious home-cooked turkey dinner… oh, how I miss my grandmother’s turkey stuffing!

So, now you may be thinking… hey girl, you’re an adult, deal with it.  Well, mostly I am, but there are times when you just miss the company of family and best friends, ya know?  And food cooked by someone else… am I right?

It always really hits me around the fall and holiday months how difficult it can be to live far away from home sometimes.  I miss the comforts of my home town and spending time with my grandparents, especially since they just love the holidays.  I miss the smell of a turkey and pumpkin pie baking in the oven, filling up the whole house with the delightful scents.  The constant chatter of family all together around the table enjoying the awesome meal and sharing the moments.  I can remember the times that I thought this was annoying, but now that I’ve been away from it for about 4 years, I miss it.  I can tell you that being away from these moments makes you realize how much you should cherish them and how these things can change at any time.  Instead of focusing on the little things that our families do that annoy us, try to look past it and enjoy the moments that you are all together.  Do this now readers, because I now look back and miss these times with my family instead and wish I was there with them sharing more moments again.

Yay fall and sunshine!

I do take comfort in knowing that I can go home at any time and feel like I never left.  It would be nice to go home more, but with the cost of flights I have to be choosy and make the best of the time I do get to go.

In the meantime, it can also be fun to make new memories and try different ways of spending the holiday weekend with those nearby.  Last year I spent the Thanksgiving weekend with a great friend and her family, which I am still thankful for!  This year I will be joining another great friend for a ‘potluck for Thanksgiving orphans’, which is new to me and should be a great evening of laughs and food.

So, whatever you’re doing this Thanksgiving weekend Canadian readers, let’s try to make the best of it, treat ourselves, enjoy the crisp fall weather , and be thankful for the things we do have – just don’t eat a whole pumpkin pie on your own, I want a piece! : )  ॐ

Are you living away from family/friends right now?  How do you cheer up on the holidays?


4 thoughts on “Being thankful…

  1. Happy Thanksgiving!

    I’ve been living away from family for a little over two years. I moved away to live with my boyfriend in his hometown. So, even though his family and some of my besties live here, it’s still hard to be away from my family and hometown friends. I try to cherish the time that I do have them when I’m visiting them or they are here. It’s very hard though, and sometimes I wonder if I made a mistake in moving…but nothing is forever, and you never know what can happen in the future. Right now, I’m happy where I’m at and lucky I my dear ones are out there somewhere thinking of me 🙂

  2. Unbelievably enough I understand exactly what you mean and I only live FOUR hours drive away from my family and “besties.” 🙂 It’s really the worst when something goes wrong and I’m not always able to drop everything and drive the four hours on I-95 (which is always a nightmare). I miss my family a lot but the ironic thing is I almost hate seeing them when they come to visit because of the inevitable goodbye! How much sense does that make?

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